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New SmartLab Releases


2019 July Releases


Those who attended HS19 will remember one of the hackathon entries: the Resume Carousel. We're releasing this as part of SmartLabs in the July’ 19 release, and calling it SmartReview:

By clicking on "Open SmartReview", you will now be able to immediately open all application in "New" status and then view their resumes side by side.

Please note that this will only work with PDF Documents. 


You will be able to take quick actions, such as: 

  • Add a tag
  • Move forward
  • Reject 

unnamed (1).jpg

If you’re interested in using this, you need to use Chrome as your browser so that you can install the following extension from the Chrome Extensions Store: 

Note that since the resume viewer functionality resides within the Chrome browser, it is not aware of the specific SmartRecruiters user permissions to take certain actions, such as reject or move forward. Therefore, all users will be able to see the buttons "Reject" and "Move forward" in the plugin; however, if they do not have the permission to e.g. reject the candidate, when they click on "Reject", this will not result in a rejection action. Only users with proper permissions will have their actions started in the plugin result in the actual application status changes.

Facebook Jobs v2

  • SmartRecruit

Admins can now map a Facebook page to a particular brand in their brand settings. All new jobs created with this brand will be listed on the associated Facebook page.


If no Facebook page is specified in brand settings, all jobs will still be posted to the Facebook jobs feed. However, Facebook's algorithm will be responsible for attribute the job to a particular page. 

2019 April Releases

Facebook Jobs

Those who attended HS18 will remember the winning hackathon entry: Facebook Jobs. We've improved this integration and are releasing it as part of SmartLabs in the April '19 release.

We're adding Facebook to the list of free job aggregators! Now, when you post a job to the aggregators, we'll also post it to Facebook. Companies will have the ability to specify their Facebook URL (company or specific brands), and we'll associate the jobs with the right company (or brand). As with other aggregators, unpublishing the job in SmartRecruiters will also take down the ad from Facebook.

Facebook users will be able to find the job in Facebook's Job Feed, and on the Jobs tab of the company page. When someone finds the ad on Facebook and clicks Apply, they'll be redirected to the SmartRecruiters Job ad. From there, the application process is identical to any other SmartRecruiters application, with the same screening questions, consent collection, and more.