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lockup.pngIntroduction to SmartLabs

As a company, SmartRecruiters is focused on not just building innovative products to help connect people to jobs, we're also a company of intelligent people with a passion for recruiting and an openness to new ideas.

In April 2019 we introduced our SmartLabs innovation program as a way to transform great ideas into reality. At the core of SmartLabs is the belief that inclusion and participation not only engage people but celebrate their individuality and passion. The SmartLabs program grants anyone the opportunity to make a measurable impact on the success of our users and candidates.

How This Works


SmartLabs is open to anyone. In addition to completely new ideas, partners and customers can submit existing features they’ve built on our Public APIs and petition to integrate them with SmartRecruiters as native functionality.

Submitting Ideas

To submit your idea, just use this form.


  • Ideas should be delightful, not critical. SmartLabs was inspired by the spirit of hackathons—build and iterate quickly, worry about bugs later. Please do not submit proposals for business-critical features. 
  • Ideas should not be on our roadmap. Please do not use this program to circumvent the product planning process.

    For any business-critical feature proposals, or to check if it’s already on our roadmap, please refer to our Uservoice website.

  • Ideas should be small. Ideally, SmartLabs features can be built in a few weeks with 1–2 engineers. Whenever possible, the SmartLabs Advisory Council will also help refine proposals if they are too large in scope.

  • Ideas should be useful to any SmartRecruiters customer. We’re looking for features that solve a general problem and provide value to the majority of our customers. 

SmartLabs features are experimental and therefore not covered by SmartRecruiters’ SLAs or support commitments as are other features. This means bugs reported under the SmartLabs category are prioritized after roadmap features. To reiterate, when proposing an idea for SmartLabs, kindly make sure it’s not a critical piece of functionality so as to avoid bugs that may compromise normal workflows by SmartRecruiters users.

Selection Process

Each quarter, we select SmartLabs feature proposals from the list of ideas submitted during the previous quarter. This allows us to plan and schedule any required work in advance alongside our regular product development.

  1. Acceptance Review

    The SmartLabs Advisory Council reviews all proposals to ensure they meet the guidelines above. This council also provides feedback if a proposal does not meet all criteria for consideration, and in certain cases, works with the proposer to refine their idea.

    Please note that product roadmap features already committed to our users are not affected by this program, as these features take priority over SmartLabs projects.

  2. Voting and Selection

    All ideas that pass review are considered. Proposers are then invited to record a 3-5 minute video pitch that plays at our company Town Hall meetings. During this time, SmartRecruiters employees vote on the best pitches, and the top-voted proposals for each quarter proceed into the development cycle. The final number of proposals selected depends on the number of submissions and our available resources.

    Selected proposals are then added to the SmartLabs project queue in chronological order by submission date. If a proposal is selected but later determined to be undeliverable due to a lack of time or resources, it retains its position in the queue.

  3. Development

    When a pitch is selected for development, the Product team allocates the necessary resources to assist in rolling out this feature to the SmartRecruiters platform.

    In order to ensure we stay true to the original concept, proposers are tasked with managing the feature development process. If needed, an assigned mentor from our Product team can provide additional project support.


SmartLabs features are released alongside roadmap features every quarter (April, July, October, and January).

  1. Alpha Release

    Initially, all SmartLabs features are released to customers as Alpha features in order to mitigate any interfere with normal platform functionality. For features that require a higher degree of user control (e.g. job posting to Facebook), the Product team either:

    • Provides the option to enable/disable the feature in Settings / Admin, or

    • Enables the feature only upon request.

  2. Release to General Audience

    After Alpha release, our Product team measures adoption and usage for every SmartLabs feature. The most popular features are then considered for future incorporation into SmartRecruiters’ core functionality at the discretion of the project team.

    Any additional work required before SmartLabs features can be rolled into core functionality is prioritized alongside all other roadmap development projects.


Support: Given the experimental nature of SmartLabs, any features released under this category are not subject to SmartRecruiters’ SLAs of any kind.

Customers may report bugs and request improvements via normal support channels, but incoming support tickets for SmartLabs features are addressed separately from other requests, which are covered by SmartRecruiters’ SLAs.

The support team will respond to SmartLabs requests within normal response guidelines but will inform the customer that these requests do not fall under normal SLAs.

Documentation: All documentation on new SmartLabs releases is incorporated in our quarterly release notes, available below.

Latest Additions

Find the full list of New SmartLab Releases here: 

2020 November Delight Release 'Distribute to the major job aggregators' checkbox default state configuration 
2020 January Release Add resume via Email
2019 September Delight Release  Unpublished date on Job Creation
2019 July Release SmartReview
Facebook Jobs v2
2019 April Release Facebook Jobs