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New Partners January 2022


These partners joined the Marketplace in January 2022:

Reference Check

SkillSurvey Reference helps clients identify the right job candidates faster and easier delivering data on the critical skills that drive success, such as professionalism, interpersonal skills, problem solving and adaptability, and leadership. Reference surveys are I/O designed for 600+ job specific roles and 11,000+ job titles, to elicit feedback from managers, co-workers and direct reports.

SkillSurvey Reference was built for the Talent Acquisition professional. Dashboards help recruiters centrally track and manage all recruitment activity, with system guides throughout. Automations and streamlined workflows speed hiring by as much as 92%. On average, clients receive an 88% reference response rate in less than 2 days

Assess and Match

Recruiters use CodinGame Assessment to evaluate developers’ technical skills as part of their screening process.

CodinGame’s solution helps them quickly and efficiently shortlist developers.