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New Partners August 2021


These partners joined the Marketplace in August 2021:


SourceWhale replaces the need for a recruiter to utilise a load of different sourcing, outreach and analytics tools.

Instead of recruiters running 4 different chrome extensions to find candidate contact details, customers can run SourceWhale, find accurate contact details, automatically add the prospect/ candidate to a hyper-personalised message sequences that go directly from their Outlook/Gmail from wherever they are on the web, including following up with individuals if you haven’t heard back from them. Additionally SourceWhale provides analytics around messaging to show whats working and whats not, diversity analytics and more.

Recruitment Marketing

Shazamme helps you create career websites created for modern recruitment teams.

The latest Next Generation no-code enterprise grade career site website builder to give you full freedom to create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want.