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New Partners July 2021


These partners joined the Marketplace in July 2021:


Basile offers companies with more than 200 employees an innovative solution to deploy a powerful referral program to recruit the best talent and develop your employer brand. We are convinced that your employees are your best ambassadors. So, we engage them in your recruitment! 

Assess & Match

Aon’s Assessment Solutions provide online assessments for use in screening, selection, reskilling, upskilling and development of people to achieve optimum person job fit.

This is achieved through the use of solutions including Personality Questionnaires, Gamified Assessments, AI Scored Video Interviewing, Job Matching and Coding Tests.


Talegent provides a range of assessments to help you to screen and select candidates with the highest potential. Talegent’s Personality and Cognitive assessments enable you to objectively evaluate candidates based not just on the skills required for a given role, but their potential and culture fit.