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New Partners March 2021


These partners joined the Marketplace in March 2021:

Background Checks

Corporate Screening integration ease background check technology addresses workflow management, transparency in communications, and information validation to deliver a solution that improves time-to-fill and reduces costs. New tools and one-of-a-kind features make ordering, reviewing, and managing background screening easier.


FlareHR is a free Onboarding & Benefits solution for SmartRecruiters customers in Australia

Improve candidate onboarding efficiency and speed by 85% or greater with Flare Onboarding & Benefits. The solution is completely free for SmartRecruiters customers and can be fully implemented within days.

Candidate Feedback

Transform your candidates into ambassadors with

Start using data & feedback from your candidates to supercharge your candidate experience

Video Interviewing

VidCruiter uses a combination of live and pre-recorded video interviews, digital assessments and task automation to deliver the ultimate recruitment experience.

Discover your candidates on a deeper level with the most advanced video interviewing software on the market.

Go beyond the traditional resume with a full suite of add-on recruitment solutions including an automated scheduler, digital skills testing and automated reference checking, VidCruiter is the perfect addition to the SmartRecruiters tool-kit.

Video Interviewing

Modern Hire is an enterprise-grade, virtual interviewing platform that covers the entire hiring process, from AI-powered, scientifically-validated pre-hire assessments and virtual job simulations, all the way to providing live video interviewing technology and on-demand video, text or phone interview solutions.  Modern Hire takes over the candidate experience post-apply to build the right hiring experience for every job.

Built on CognitIOn by Modern Hire™, the platform relies on rigorously tested technology and standards for predicting job performance efficiently, accurately, and fairly. Modern Hire helps modernize every step of the hiring process, from pre-apply to offer acceptance.

Assess and Match

CodeSignal is an assessment platform focusing on structuring, automating and scaling technical interviews.


bob is a people management platform built for the way people work today: globally, remotely, and collaboratively.

bob helps modern dynamic companies attract, excite, and retain their people using data-driven HR tools.

Today’s modern businesses require an agile system that is flexible enough to meet their current business needs and will help to build a successful company in the future. bob offers a distinct user-friendly UI that builds and strengthens company culture and brings people together to create meaningful professional and social relationships.

Video Interviewing

Talentcube is your global partner for video recruiting. Get an authentic impression of each applicant from the very beginning and identify your top candidates directly thanks to our award-winning video technology. Over 200 companies in Europe and America already trust in the best candidate experience on the market. Reduce the number of time-consuming job interviews and save up to 60% of your recruiting costs.