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New Partners April 2020


These partners joined the Marketplace in April 2020:

Job Boards

Grit is a job platform for hospitality that help businesses brand themselves during the recruiting process to increase the chance of finding the right candidate.

With Grit you can focus on:

  • Employment branding
  • Employer value proposition
  • Diversity program initiatives
  • Applicant communication and strategy
  • Extending your social media presence to job seekers


TalentVine is a recruitment agency management platform that brings accountable, data-driven simplicity to utilizing recruitment agencies for hard-to-fill roles. Employers use TalentVine to compare, select and hire through the most suitable specialist recruiters from hundreds of agencies, on one set of terms, and at a fee that works for both parties.

As we connect companies with recruiters that are already working on similar roles, this enables the employer to leverage off the time and costs that have already been invested into hiring similar talent. TalentVine’s metrics and ratings increase the chances of hiring exceptional talent by pointing you in the direction of the proven recruitment specialists that will be welcome support for any talent acquisition team.


HireSweet helps companies easily automate search & outreach to recruit candidates (Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers & Sales) that are not openly looking for jobs (65% of tech talent). HireSweet sifts through public activity (GitHub, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Twitter, Meetup, Medium, Dribbble, Behance etc.) and show you a short list of 10 profiles per day. 46% average response rate (vs 5-10% for agencies), HireSweet pretty much guarantees you’ll get 1/2 extra interviews per week, even on the most difficult job offers.

Assess and Match

Hire talent, not resumes – Stop wasting your time screening inaccurate resumes and find the right people for the job by screening candidates for their cognitive skills and personality traits that match the role.

Bryq was created with the recruiter in mind: to provide you with that extra insight needed to get recruiting done right.

Bryq objectively assesses candidates – on cognitive skills and personality traits – so that you can use reliable data to confidently match candidates to job and company requirements, enabling you to hire the right person, without bias, every

  • Reduce time to hire by 50%
  • Get scientifically accurate in-depth insights on your candidates
  • Conduct structured interviews with easy to understand reports

Video Interviews

Alcami Interactive is a next generation digital video interviewing platform that replaces early stage candidate screening with video. We’re an Australian based company used in over 20 countries globally helping enterprises gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing talent landscape.

Seamlessly integrated with SmartRecruiters, Alcami allows you to use video to create:

  • One-way video interviews
  • Virtual Assessment Centres (V-ACs)
  • Post placement pulse check surveys
  • Live 2-way video interviewing