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New Partners Jan 2020


These partners joined the Marketplace in Jan 2020:

Job Boards

SEEK is a global leader in the creation and operation of online employment markets.

SEEK are committed to having a positive contribution to people’s lives by connecting more people to relevant job opportunities by leveraging their marketplace scale and world-leading technology to build more efficient and effective employment marketplaces.


The relationship with the direct manager is the No. 1 driver of Employee Engagement. Ensure that this relationship is right with the OpenElevator game-changing TWO-SIDED bias-free compatibility assessment. Get the right team fit, right from the start!


Assess and Match

Pocket Recruiter is an advanced machine learning sourcing tool reducing the time to hire new candidates. Pocket’s pre learned pattern matching algorithms enable to match job descriptions to candidates profiles with high accuracy right out of the box. – Pocket integrates with client’s one or more ATSs. – It searches internal & external talent pools simultaneously. – Allows users to automate Automates the maximum of the sourcing process. – Supports sharing candidates and knowledge transfer across different teams. – Seamlessly synchronizes with the client’s existing backend processes. …and more


Starred make sure that your candidates’ voice is heard throughout the recruitment process, and provide you with more insights, with less hassle. Starred is easy to use, and automates your workflows so you can gather data at every relevant touchpoint of your candidate’s journey. We deliver your data in industry-leading dashboards.