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New Partners July 2019


These partners joined the Marketplace in July 2019:

Company Culture

Good&Co provides personality assessment that predicts fit. Measures a candidate pool against ideal profiles and provides custom personality guides to see individuals behind candidates. Good&Co’s engaging assessment boasts an 85% completion rate.

Companies, recruiters, managers, and employees currently use our culture platform to:

  • Uncover team identity
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Monitor performance and engagement


The English Quiz is a modern and flexible English assessment solution providing real-life English language performance indicators that help international corporations make informed decisions for talent acquisition.

  • Modular solution, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization options
  • Large selection of ready-made English tests that allows talent acquisition managers to assess only the skills required
  • Quick & detailed reports, enabling recruiters to make more informed hiring decisions


TestGenius allows recruiters to determine which of their applicants possess the skills and abilities needed for success in their work environment.

Job Boards

Comprised of thousands of niche career sites and specialized talent communities, Nexxt is a powerful network. Targeted distribution and email alerts attract highly qualified candidates. With over 60 million registered US members, promoting your jobs through Nexxt means your jobs get targeted distribution on dedicated career sites, as well as broad exposure on some of the most visited job sites across the web. So no matter where your candidates are, your jobs will find them.