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New Partners Oct 2018


These partners joined the Marketplace in Oct 2018:


Background Checks

Walton Management Services delivers the future of tax credits screening through its award-winning platform, ForeSite. Using the latest technology and a smart & simple approach, ForeSite integrates directly into the SmartRecruiters job application workflow so you can screen your new hires for Work Opportunity Tax Credits and save time and money.



Central Test is a leading psychometric assessment publisher that offers assessments which are designed using innovative and modern methods, and strictly respect the highest scientific standards in psychometrics and data security.


Job Ads

Ruutly improves the candidate experience by “wrapping” SmartRecruiters job descriptions with visual, interactive, elements above the SmartRecruiter job description on a custom job posting page.


Job Boards

Stellenanzeigen is a job board that focuses on all target groups in the labour market. Vacancies are placed on regional portals, niche sites and the websites of German newspapers such as Sued Deutsche, and reach 660,000 registered users and 100 online partners.