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New Marketplace Partners


Our Marketplace is always growing! Check out the newest additions to our Partner network here.

You can also find the full list of our marketplace partners at the following link.

Recent Additions

These partners joined the Marketplace in Aug 2019:

Data & Analytics

HRdiversifyd is a diversity analytics software that enables an organization to proactively track and measure diversity, and identify any conscious or unconscious bias and discrimination during the recruiting process. The product “guarantees” diverse states of candidates in real-time at any given point during the recruiting process and empowers the recruiting team with real-time recruiting data to take deliberate action.

1. Track bias real-time to proactively mitigate potential problem areas
2. GDPR compliant by design
3. Configurable and customizable diversity rules
4. Bi-directional sharing of diversity and requisitions data using Rest APIs and triggers
5. Discover trends and predict outcomes


Company Culture

Fortay is a people and culture success platform that helps innovative organizations build strong diverse and effective workplace cultures for better performance. We’re transforming the hiring process to build the diverse high performing cultures of tomorrow.

Fortay maximizes objectivity and efficiency through a data-driven machine learning approach. By using the unique cultural insights from your people, we remove bias, increase predictability increase effectiveness and help increase diversity of your team.

Care to join us?

Past additions

Historical additions by month:

  • New Partners Aug 2019
    Good & Co (company culture), The English Quiz (assessments), TestGenius (assessments), Nexxt Network (job boards)
  • New Partners July 2018
    RightHire (assessments), Timeko (messaging), and Jobma (video interviews)
  • New Partners Oct 2018
    Walton Management (background checks), Central Test (assessments), and Ruutly (job ad enhancements), Stellenanzeigen (job boards)
  • New Partners Sep 2019
    HRdiversifyd (Data and Analytics), Fortay (Assess and Match)