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April 2019 Release Notes



Our April 2019 Release focuses on workflow optimization and improvements to candidate experience, compliance, and sourcing. It includes:

Apply with LinkedIn 2.0

  • SmartRecruit

As a result of the sunsetting of LinkedIn's old Apply with LinkedIn integration, we've made the Apply with LinkedIn experience available only for jobs at companies with a LinkedIn Recruiter seat or Job Slots contract.

What's changed:

All candidates had the ability to connect and import their LinkedIn profile to pre-fill the SmartRecruiters job application.

What's new:

Only candidates who apply to a company with a LinkedIn Recruiter seat or Jobs Slots contract will be able to use the Connectwith LinkedIn option in the Import your profile modal of the job application.

This change affects all SmartRecruiters companies.

Setting up the integration

Those who have an existing LinkedIn Recruiter seat or Job Slots contract before March 28th will automatically have the new Apply with LinkedIn option on their jobs. SmartRecruiters will migrate these companies to the new integration.

For new customers who want to set up this integration later (after April 4th), Admins will be able to activate the new Apply with LinkedIn 2.0 feature from the Applications Management page:


The integration only needs to be enabled once per customer. This integration is not impacted by multiple contracts.

New integration features

The flow of Applying With LinkedIn will be even more delightful for our candidates.


  • If candidate is already logged in LinkedIn, as soon as they click “Apply with LinkedIn” his profile will be populated.

  • If candidate is not logged in LinkedIn, as soon as they click “Apply with LinkedIn”, a popup will appear and ask for LinkedIn credentials.

This integration has many advantages:

  • Seamless flow if the candidate is already logged in.

  • Candidate data will be stored in ATS and LinkedIn Recruiter

  • LinkedIn Recruiter seat holders can identify who started applying to a job but did not finish through the “Apply Starters” feature.

Internal Mobility Job Filters

  • SmartRecruit
  • +
  • SmartMobility

To make it easier for employees to find the right internal opportunity on the Internal Mobility jobs list, we've added job filters!

What's changed:

All jobs on the Internal Mobility page were listed by function. Users had to scroll or search for opportunities, or filter by a limited number of job properties (experience, location, brand, or department).

What's new:

Users at a company may now filter the Internal jobs list by any public job fields.


Filters include:

  • Location
  • Experience Level
  • Brands
  • Department
  • All Public Fields (order according to job field settings)
  • Internal / Public jobs

Editable Screening Questions

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

Candidates now have the ability to edit all of their answers to screening questions in the Candidate Portal!

What's changed:

Previously, candidates were able to update answers to only their compliance questions in the candidate portal. Answers were updated in Back-office, but updates were not communicated to the hiring team.

What's new:

Candidates will be able to update answers to all of their questions in the candidate portal. Answers will be updated in back-office and recruiters will be able to see the different versions. 



SmartCRM Improvements

  • SmartRecruit
  • +
  • SmartCRM

We have a number of small but high-impact changes to various features in SmartCRM:

  • Lead Capture Forms (LCFs): 
    • Existing LCFs can be edited, and previewed before publishing
    • LCFs now support rich text editing and clickable links
    • Prospects can now upload additional attachments, such as videos
    • Sourcers can customize the color of the main button
    • Resume parsing improvements
  • Communities​​​:
    • Application status updates are now automated
    • There's a new Inactive status
    • Sourcers can upload prospects to communities via CSV files.
  • Merging rules: We now merge prospects and existing candidate profiles

Edit Lead Capture Forms

What's changed:

Previously, once you created a form, you weren't able to make any changes to it. In case you wanted to change something, you had to create a new one.

What's new

With the April '19 release, sourcers can edit published forms. There is no limitation on what part of the form they can edit, from the title to screening questions or sources.

Changes won't affect prospects retrospectively. So, for example, if you change the source of a form, it won't affect the source of the prospects who registered through the form until now.

All changes will automatically update any embedded form. There is no need to embed a new one.

Previewing LCFs

What's changed:

Previously, sourcers could only see how a form looks like after they have published it and open it in a new tab.

What's new

Sourcers can now preview the form before publishing them, after they have filled all the required fields in the lead capture form wizard.

When in preview mode, sourcers can navigate through the form, e.g., in case it has a second step with screening questions.

Rich text in LCFs

What's changed:

Previously, sourcers could only enter plaintext into the Description of an LCF.

What's new

With the April '19 release, sourcers have rich-text formatting options, including text styles, special characters such as accented chcharacters, colors, and clickable URLs.

Additional Attachments in LCFs

What's changed:

Previously the "Additional Attachments" question wasn't available for selection in a community screening question.

What's new

We've given Admins the ability to include the “Additional Attachments” question when they create a Screening Question set for communities.
  • Prospects can use this screening question to attach files when they register in a form, like a cover letter, portfolio documents or short videos.

  • Each attachment can be up to 30 MB, from the list of supported files.

LCF Button Branding

What's changed:

Previously, the main form button would inherit the color of the main brand, from the brand settings. Sourcers were not able to change this. 

What's new

With the April release, sourcers can now customize the color of the main button of a lead capture form.

Improved Resume Parsing in LCFs

We improved the performance of parsing resume which was uploaded by a prospect from a lead capture form to pre-fill candidate's profile in back-office.

Community Application Status Automation

What's changed:

Previously, there was no status update automation in place for prospects. Sourcers had to manually update status.

What's new

With the April '19 release, when a prospect in Added status is included in a campaign, they will be moved to Contacted. Also, when a prospect in a Contacted status replies to a campaign, they will be moved to Responded status.

Status updates automation doesn't happen backward. For example, if a prospect is in Interested status, they won't be moved to Contacted if they receive a new campaign.

Sourcers will still be able to update the status manually.

Community Inactive status

What's changed:

Previously a prospect could only be in one of four active statuses: Added, Contacted, Responded, Interested.

What's new

From now one there will be three more options for inactive prospects:
  • Not Selected,
  • Not Interested, and
  • Transferred.

The first two statuses don't have any automation rules. Sourcers need to move a prospect to them manually.

  • Sourcers will now be able to remove a prospect from a community. When this happens, the prospect will appear as Transferred and they won't receive campaigns from this community anymore.

  • Sourcers will be able to re-activate a prospect from inactive status. Doing that, will move the prospect back to the Added status.

Import prospects with CSV

What's changed:

Previously, sourcers had to manually add prospects one by one.

What's new:

Sourcers can now upload a CSV file with first name, last name, and email for each prospect in order to add multiple prospects in a community.

This is a beta feature. To activate it, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Merging rules for prospects

What's changed:

Previously, when a prospect registers from a form, we couldn't identify if they already have a candidate profile and update it. Instead, it would create a duplicate profile.

What's new:

From now on, when a prospect registers, we check if there is a candidate with the same last name and email. If a candidate is found, we will update their candidate profile instead of creating a duplicate.

This is an operation happening completely on the backend, no UI changes are exposed.

Prospect List Filters

What's changed:

Previously, sourcers could only filter the prospect list of a community using the People page.

What's new:

From now one, there will be 4 filters available in the Prospect tab of each community:

  • location,
  • proximity,
  • community application status, and
  • screening questions

Permissions updates

  • SmartRecruit
  • +
  • SmartGlobal

As part of our continued improvement to Custom Hiring Team Roles, we've added a few new permissions in the April '19 release.

New actions

We've added the following actions to Custom Hiring Team Roles.

Job Ad tab

Controls access to list of job ads on Job Ad tab.

Write Can see all job ads, duplicate, edit and create custom sources
Read Can only see list of job ads, cannot take actions

Public Screening Questions

Controls access to candidates' answers to standard screening questions.

Yes Can see answers to screening questions
No Cannot see answers to screening questions

Restricted Screening Questions

Controls access to candidates' answers to diversity screening questions.

Yes Can see answers to screening questions
No Cannot see answers to screening questions

Edit EEO Answers

Controls ability to edit EEO answers on candidate profile

Yes Can edit answers to EEO screening questions
No Cannot edit answers to EEO screening questions

Notes tab

Controls access to Notes on candidate profile

Write Can write a new note and see all entries, can comment on all entries
Read Can see all entries, can comment if @mentioned
None Cannot see Notes tab

Public Job Details

Controls access to public fields in Job Fields section of the Job Details tab.

Write Can see and edit public job details
Read Can see but not edit public job details
None Cannot see public job details

Internal Job Details

Controls access to internal fields in Job Fields section of Job Details tab.

Write Can see and edit internal job fields.
Read Can see but not edit internal job fields 
None Cannot see internal job fields

Cards down 

Controls ability to view reviews and ratings before user has left their own review/rating.

Yes Cards down feature is applied for this role
No Cards down feature is not applied for this role

Access Groups and Other Applications

SmartRecruiters will now prevent users who gain access to one of a candidate's applications as part of an Access Group from seeing the candidate's other applications.

What's changed:

Previously, users who were part of an Access Group (whether it was with Limited or Full access) and were looking at a candidate application which they gained access to as part of the Access Group (but were not on the hiring team) were able to see other applications of this candidate, even if they didn't have access to those applications.

What's new:

With the April '19 update, users who gain access to one of a candidate's applications through an Access Group do not gain access to the candidate's other applications, and will not be able to see these applications in the Other Applications box on the profile. 

GDPR Updates

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

Since its implementation in May 2018, SmartRecruiters has committed to following the interpretations of the of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, also known as the “General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”). In an effort to ensure that our customers stay compliant and that the candidates have the best experience possible, we've added a number of adjustments and features in Q1 2019:

  • Company-specific consent management
  • Data Retention available on the application level
  • Application specific attachments
  • Updates to the right to erasure
  • Gated resume URL in interview reminder email
  • Other miscellaneous GDPR related enhancements

Company-specific consent

In an objective to make consent clearer, we are separating SmartRecruiters’ privacy policy from the Customer’s privacy policy during the application process.

What's changed:

Previously, SmartRecruiters displayed links to both our own privacy policy and the company's privacy policy, together, on job applications.

What's new:

Each job application will display only the company privacy policy. There will be no mention of SmartRecruiters in front of the checkbox. The candidate will only consent to SmartRecruiters' privacy policy if they create a Candidate Portal account.

The application will display the following text for the consent checkbox:


The default consent request email will contain only the company’s privacy policy, with this message:

<COMPANY NAME> is interested in you. To stay in <COMPANY NAME> 's database, please read and understand <COMPANY NAME>'s Privacy Policy.

Upon creating a Candidate Portal account, the candidate will be asked to consent to SmartRecruiters’ privacy policy. They'll see this message:


Since the candidate only consents to SmartRecruiters’ privacy policy in the Candidate Portal, we cannot send them the reminder to create a Candidate Portal account 3 days after the day of application. Therefore, we removed this reminder.

In the event where the Company has not configured any privacy policy, the application will include the following message:

Please be informed that your application to this job offer will trigger some processing of your personal data by the recruiting company, the data controller. SmartRecruiters, the data processor, has no control over such personal data processing. For more information on these personal data processing, please refer to the recruiting company’s privacy policy.

In SmartRecruiters, the candidate's profile will have a consent status of “Required”.

If the recruiter tries to click request consent, they'll see this error message:

We cannot send the email as there is no privacy policy configured, please contact your administrator.

Application-specific attachments

What's changed:

Attachments belonged to the profile of the candidate. Therefore, attachments were shared amongst all applications. While looking at the candidate on Job A, you were able to see all attachments that were related to Job A, B and C.

What's new:

Attachments will be specific to the application. Therefore, while looking at the candidate on Job A, you will only be able to see attachments that are pertinent to this job.

We will proceed to a migration from profile to application level for all attachments we can surely identify with an application with. Based on preliminary report we can assume that 96-99% of attachments will be migrated.

There are scenarios where some attachments might be still be appearing in the “Shared across all application section”:

  • Candidates who are added via the Candidate API and where the application ID is not present
  • Candidates who applied before April 26th for which we could not identify a dependency between an attachment and an application.

This will be released on April 25th, 2019. The migration of attachments will take longer and finish after the release.

Updates to the right of erasure

Though it was previously easy for candidates and for companies to manage profiles, there is a need to hold onto the candidate's data in some situations:

  • Local legislation may require companies to keep candidate data
  • Candidates might be involved in litigation with a company

In the April '19 release, we're removing the ability for candidates to immediately delete their profile and replacing it with the ability to request deletion. Companies can then decide and communicate with the candidates accordingly.

What's changed:

Previously, candidates could decide to immediately delete their profiles at a company via their Candidate Portal.

What's new:

In the Candidate Portal, the candidate will be able to request the erasure of his data via the View Option modal present in the footer of the application page.

This modal will read:

I understand that (please check all the following):
  • SmartRecruiters will communicate your request of deletion to <Company Name>

  • Requesting the deletion of your profile will automatically withdraw all the applications you have at <Company Name>

Candidates can then click Yes, I would like to request the deletion of my profile.

We'll also replace the option for a candidate to delete their Candidate Portal account with the option to request deletion.

Once a candidate requests their data to be deleted:

  • SmartRecruiters will send a notification to a designated email address (configured by Admin) to inform them about the deletion requests.

  • The candidate will be marked as withdrawn.

To increase transparency and ease of management for Administrators, Admins can use a filter on the People page to find all candidates who requested deletion.


They can also create a saved search to identify these candidates and quickly purge their profiles. They can either message all candidates to tell them that their data will be deleted according to data retention rules or that they will proceed to full deletion of their profile.

Additionally, a banner will appear on the candidate profile (translated in all languages) with the following text:

CANDIDATE FIRST NAME CANDIDATE LAST NAME has requested the deletion of their profile on DATE. Please contact your Administrator. 

This way, we can ensure that companies are sufficiently aware of the candidate’s request. If the company does not take any action, then the candidate will be deleted according to the configured data retention rules.


Data Retention available on the application level

We've expanded control over the data retention rules to allow companies to decide whether to delete all of a candidate's information at once, or only specific applications.

What's changed:

Previously, the data retention configuration acted on the profile level. Therefore, if the candidate had applications across different countries, the system was waiting for all applications to be inactive (i.e., Rejected or Withdrawn) before triggering a data retention rule.

What's new:

Companies will be able to decide whether they want their data retention configuration to operate on the candidate level or application level.

If they decide to have it configured on the application level, then:

  • The application will be deleted in accordance to the country’s configured data retention rule as soon as the candidate has been marked as rejected or withdrawn from this specific application.

  • If an application is deleted, then all information about it (reviews, notes etc) will be deleted as well and therefore not visible on the candidate profile.

Please refer to our Global Compliance Administration article on how to configure country specific data retention rules.

To activate this feature, please reach out to your Hiring Success Manager or Support Team.

Gated resume URL in interview reminder email

We've removed the resume attachment from the interview reminder email for additional data protection.

What's changed:

Previously, on the morning of the interview, the interviewers received reminder email containing the interview schedule, the resume of the candidate as well as the scorecard.

What's new:

Now, the resume will be available via a gated URL as seen below. Users will need to log into SmartRecruiters in order to view it. The scorecard (when one is present) will remain as an attachment.

Other GDPR-related enhancements

  • We added a 4-month data retention period for Germany.

  • We are removing the ability for candidate to re-opt-in before the end of the data retention period. Previously, we'd send an email 7 days before the data retention limit kicks in to give candidates the option to stay in the system. We've removed this email to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Improved Mobile Rejections

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

Our Mobile team is hard at work to increase hiring manager productivity by streamlining common tasks in the Hiring App. In the April '19 release, we've updated the Rejections workflow to allow users to complete each rejection in as little as two taps!

What's changed:

Previously, when someone filled out the details for a rejection by choosing a rejection reason, template, and time, the App didn't save all selections. As a result, someone who had to reject a number of candidates in a single session needed to make their selections over again for reach rejection. This was inefficient and frustrating

What's new:

Now, the App saves all of the chosen detail when a user rejects a candidate. When the user goes to reject the next candidate, all details for the previous rejection are pre-selected, and the user can choose to simply complete the rejection with the same details or make any necessary changes, such as choosing a different rejection reason. As a result, each rejection can take only two taps (if no changes are needed).

All changes have been added to the current Rejections screen.

Saved details

When a user rejects a candidate for the first time (after logging in), the App will save all details chosen for the rejection, including:

  • Rejection Reason
  • Send rejection email (toggle)
  • Send as user or hiring team
  • Rejection email template
  • Send date (immediately, in X days, custom)
  • Send time (Current time or morning/afternoon/evening)

All details except rejection email template are saved globally - these settings will be available to that user for the next candidate, no matter which job that candidate has applied to. Since email templates are assigned per job, and some jobs may not have the same set of templates, the App will save the selected email template on a job-by-job basis. That means if a user rejects a candidate on one job, and then goes to reject a candidate on another job, all previously selections will be pre-filled, but the user will need to choose the template.

Edits made to the subject or body of an existing template are not saved. In other words, if a user chooses a rejection email template, then makes a change to the email subject or body, the Hiring App will save the selected template, but not the edits to the email itself.

Details saved for one user are not ​​​​​​saved for other users. 

Changing selections

Each time the user makes a change to the rejection details, that change becomes part of the saved details. In other words, if the user completes a rejection for one candidate, then changes the rejection reason for another candidate and rejects them, the last-used rejection reason will be pre-selected for a subsequent rejection.

Clearing selections

Saved details will persist as long as the user stays logged in. All selections will be cleared once the user logs out.

Interviews API

  • SmartStart
  • and
  • SmartConnect

We've added the ability to create, read, update, and cancel interviews via our endpoints in our new Interview API.

What's changed:

All interviews were created by users in SmartRecruiters.

What's new:

Companies can now manage interviews programmatically using a set of new endpoints in our Public API.

With this API, companies can:

  • Create an interview
  • Read the details of an interview
  • Update an interview (e.g., add interviews)
  • Cancel an interview

There are also endpoints for:

  • retrieving, creating, and deleting interview types
  • adding and removing timeslots from an interview, and
  • updating the status of interviewers (accepted, declined) and candidates

The Interview API does NOT:

  • Trigger the interview notification emails to candidates or interviewers
  • Create invite for the interview on the interviewers calendar 
  • Add the interviewer to the hiring team for the job

For full documentation on the Interview API, see our Developer Docs.

Early Feedback Reminder email

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

Busy hiring team members often need some extra reminders to promptly provide feedback after interviewing a candidate. It's best for interviewers to leave feedback on the candidate immediately after screening the candidate so the feedback is fresh in their minds and to keep the hiring process moving quickly. 

What's changed:

Our feedback reminder goes out 12 hours after the interview start time. As a result, it is often disregarded by that time.

What's new:

We've added another reminder that is sent to the interviewer 5 minutes prior to the end of their interview slot. That way, when they finish the interview, there's a reminder already sitting in their inbox.

To avoid spamming the interviewer, if they leave feedback with 12 hours, we won't send that second, later reminder. If they forget to the leave feedback within 12 hours, we'll still remind them at the 12 hour mark.

If an interviewer is a part of multiple time slots within a single interview, we'll send the reminder 5 minutes before the last time slot's end time.

Private Interviews

  • SmartRecruit

For some candidates, such as internal candidates and executives, the interview process may necessitate less transparency. In our April '19 release, we've added the ability to mark an interview event on a calendar as private and hide that event from any user who doesn't have the ability to make changes to calendar events (as defined in the company's calendar integration).

What's changed:

Interview events added by SmartRecruiters to a user or shared calendar as part of an active calendar integration were visible to anyone at the company with access to that calendar.

What's new:

Interview schedulers for a company with an active calendar integration (Google, Office 365, or Exchange) can check a box in the Interview Scheduler to make the interview private. Private interviews are visible only to users with the "Make changes to events" level of access or higher, as defined in the company's corporate calendar settings.

The event will be completely hidden from users who do not have the ability to make changes to events.

User Interface Design Updates

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

Do you agree that strong candidate experience is a core ingredient of hiring success? We talk about this a lot at SmartRecruiters, but it’s time to share that we’ve also been quietly working on improvements to deliver a better experience for all of our business users.

The SmartRecruiters design team is proud to unveil significant updates that:

  1. Modernize the user interface (UI)

  2. Simplify layout & workflows

  3. Improve platform accessibility

The first set of design updates, addressing the most fundamental UI layer of our product, can be previewed below and will be released on April 24th as part of our April '19 release. These are relatively minor UI changes. Subsequent Blue Steel updates will have more noticeable changes because we will be updating the layout of the components.


What's new:

  • Button text will be in ALL CAPS

  • Color will be green for primary and secondary buttons.

  • Tertiary buttons will be black text only

  • Increased letter spacing for legibility

  • Use of icons, where appropriate

Old New
image14.png image9.png


What's new:

  • Borders are replaced by a shadow

  • Section header and body content will be separated by a horizontal rule

Old New
image5.png image19.png

Dropdown lists

What's new:

  • Borders are replaced by a shadow

  • Text color will be black, instead of blue

  • Hover state will be darker

  • More white space between elements

Old New
image15.png image8.png


What's new:

  • Text color changed to white

  • Background color changed to dark grey

  • Larger close icon

Old New
image16.png image6.png​​​​​​


What's new:

  • Rounded corners

  • Text color changed to white

  •  Background color changed to dark grey

Old New
image2.png image11.png

Tooltips will have white background and text if they're in front of a dark colored element, like the Top Bar


What's new:

  • Buttons moved to the right side

  • Removed the close icon.

Old New


Users can click anywhere outside of the modal to close it.

Delightful Improvements

Here's a list of smaller but no less delightful things are are part of our April '19 release.

Job title on Interview Scheduler

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

We now display the job title in the Interview Scheduler to help HMs, recruiters, and coordinators remember which job they're scheduling an interview for. The title will appear in the header just before the name of the candidate.

Non-hiring team members added as interviewers

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

Previously, when you added a user who is not already on the hiring team to an interview in the Interview Scheduler, they are not added to the Hiring Team. This is a problem because they are then unable to review the candidate. 

With the April '19 release, when a user who is not on the hiring team is added to an interview via Scheduler, then they are also added to the Hiring Team as an Interviewer.

Clickable URLs in Interview Event details

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

Previously, when an interview invite created through our Calendar Integration include a hyperlink for a virtual interview in the location, the link wasn't clickable in SmartRecruiters or calendar. Now, the URL is clickable, and users can easily launch the interview without copying it into the browser.

Better visibility for your interview slot in Interview Invites

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

Previously, when an interviewer received the interview reminder, they'd see a list of all the different times and participants for each timeslot with the same formatting. We've made two improvements here:

  • The recipient's timeslot is bolder to make it easier for them to find the time and location where they'll be interviewing the candidate.
  • We've standardized the schedule items to have this format: Day of week, [Month] Date, Year at [Interview Start Time]  - [Interview End Time]

Additional fields in Report Builder

  • SmartRecruit

We added more fields to Report Builder. You can now build reports that show how your application pipelines have changed and evolved over time.

New fields include:

  • User type application (aka. candidate) fields
  • Application state and custom step timestamps
  • Historical application status changes
  • Application status last update date
  • Job status timestamps
  • Historical job status changes
  • Application URL link

All date type fields can also be used in the Date filter when creating a report. You now have the flexibility to filter reports based on when a an application or job made it into a particular start and end date.

Access the complete list of Report Builder data fields.


As a company, SmartRecruiters is focused on not just building innovative products to help connect people to jobs: we're also a company of intelligent people with a passion for recruiting and a ton of great ideas. Our SmartLabs innovation program is designed to capture these ideas and make them a reality. In April '19, we'd like to introduce the first few SmartLabs projects. Note that SmartLabs features are experimental and provide without warranty as to functionality. Customers may report bugs and request improvements via normal channels, but should have no expectations of following our regular SLAs. 



Facebook Jobs

  • SmartStart
  • or
  • SmartRecruit

Those who attended HS18 will remember the winning hackathon entry: Facebook Jobs. We've improved this integration and are releasing it as part of SmartLabs in the April '19 release.

We're adding Facebook to the list of free job aggregators! Now, when you post a job to the aggregators, we'll also post it to Facebook. Companies will have the ability to specify their Facebook URL (company or specific brands), and we'll associate the jobs with the right company (or brand). As with other aggregators, unpublishing the job in SmartRecruiters will also take down the ad from Facebook.

Facebook users will be able to find the job in Facebook's Job Feed, and on the Jobs tab of the company page. When someone finds the ad on Facebook and clicks Apply, they'll be redirected to the SmartRecruiters Job ad. From there, the application process is identical to any other SmartRecruiters application, with the same screening questions, consent collection, and more.