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Quarterly Releases (2018-2019)


A historical log of Quarterly Releases from 2018 and 2019 will be included here. 

  • Winter 2018 Release Notes
    Our Winter 2018 Release includes four new major features, including Parallel Processing.
  • Spring 2018 Release Notes
    Our Spring 2018 Release includes nine new major features, include our Recruiting Assistant and GDPR compliance tools.
  • Summer 2018 Release Notes
    Our Summer 2018 Release includes 4 amazing features aimed at helping recruiters and sourcers work efficiently, and to help companies better engage and delight their external and internal candidates.
  • Fall 2018 Release Notes
    Our Fall 2018 Release includes the initial Beta release of SmartCRM, plus improvements to Report Builder and the Candidate Portal. It also includes Internal Screening questions and tools for bulk consent management.
  • April 2019 Release Notes
    Our April 2019 Release focuses on workflow optimization and improvements to candidate experience, compliance, and sourcing.
  • January 2019 Release Notes
    Our January 2019 Release includes Custom Hiring Roles and Request Emails, Mass Status Change, Filter by Screening Questions, and a whole lot more.
  • July 2019 Release Notes
    Our July 2019 release focuses on efficiency and task automation for recruiters, sourcers, candidates, admins and analysts.
  • October 2019 Release Notes
    Our October 2019 release focuses on high volume hiring, cross-system awareness and scalability - we are making it easier to engage with candidates at scale.