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October 2021 Release Notes


Our October 2021 release reflects our continued investment in helping our customers achieve Hiring Success throughout all stages of the hiring process - from Talent Attraction and Engagement, Collaboration, and Selection all the way to Management and Operating Model.

Employee Portal: Application Tracking & Management

  • SmartRecruit

Employee Portal now offers an improved post-application experience to employees who are applying to roles internally by displaying the status of their applications and the hiring manager of the job they have applied to, as well as by allowing them to update their answers to screening questions and manage the files they uploaded in their application.

To access the new features, a user needs to go to the My Applications page of the Employee Portal and click on an application that appears on the list and, as a result, a slide-out will appear from the right side of the screen.

The first tab of the slide-out is called "Overview" and it includes the status of their application, the name of the hiring manager, and the location of the job, as well as any job field selected for this job by the hiring team.


The second tab of the slide-out is called "My Application" and it has three sections:

  1. The first section called "Job Details" includes the information of the job ad (aka job description, qualifications, additional information and company description), as they appeared when the employee applied for the job.

  2. The second section is called "Preliminary Questions" and it contains the screening question set the employee had to answer when they applied for the job. Here an employee can also update the answers he or she provided.

  3. Finally, the third section is called "Attachments", and it contains the resume or any other files that the employee uploaded as they submitted their application.

Preliminary Questions and Attachments won't be available in the Sandbox release on Thursday, October 14th. It will be part of the quarter release on Thursday, October 28th.

  • SmartRecruit

For SmartRecruiters customers who don't use Employee Portal, we are introducing a new, secure way for their employees to track their internal applications that doesn't require them to have a SmartRecruiters user account.

Accessing internal applications

Once an employee applies to a job, they will receive the auto-reply message that now contains a button to click in order to view their application. This button is included in all auto-replies to internal applications by default without requiring any admin configuration.



By clicking on it, they will land on a new page where, in a few steps, they can securely access their internal applications:

  1. First, they need to enter their email address that they used when they applied for the job and click on Next.


  2. Once they click on Next, they will receive a one-time password (OTP) in the email address they indicated.


  3. Finally, they need to enter the password they received. This will complete the authentication process.


Internal Applications Details:


Once a user completes the authentication process, they will land on a page where they can view all the internal applications they have submitted using the specific email address.

By clicking on an application that appears on a list, a slide out will appear that contains information about it, including the application status, the hiring manager, job fields related to the job, and the job details. In addition to them, they will have the ability to view and manage the screening questions they answered when they applied for the job and the files they uploaded. 

(i) This page offers the same capabilities as the My Applications page in Employee Portal.

Preliminary Questions and Attachments won't be available in the Sandbox release on Thursday, October 14th. It will be part of the quarter release on Thursday, October 28th.


Q: What is the URL of this page so I can add it in our internal documentation?

A: Each SmartRecruiters customer will have a unique URL that follows the following format:  The company name in the URL has no whitespaces and is case sensitive.

Q: How are these pages branded?

A: SmartRecruiters will use your company's brand color as the primary color of the pages and will include your company's logo. Additionally, your company's name will be in the page's URL.

Q: What if an employee has applied for multiple internal jobs?

A: He/She will be able to view all the internal jobs they applied for using the same email address. In case they've used multiple email addresses, they will be able to view their application separately.

SmartMessage: Sweden

  • SmartRecruit
  • SmartMessage

SmartMessage now supports Sweden phone numbers. Also Swedish language is now supported on SmartMessage Opt-in/Opt-out, interview invitation and interview reminder templates to candidates.

SmartPal: Enhanced Chatbot Conversational Capabilities

  • SmartRecruit
  • SmartPal

The candidates can now search for a job title directly: "Which job are you looking for? (e.g. Sales Manager or Frontend Developer) Please name one at a time!"

When the candidate types in eg. "Driver" - will be presented with jobs with "Driver" in the job title even though there is no job function called Driver available. This is applicable also for the FAQ section when typing in "I am looking for a housekeeper job".


[Early Access] Job Advertising: Boosting job ads to source more applicants

  • SmartRecruit

For a limited segment of early access users, we are introducing the ability to selectively boost job ads through programmatic advertising  in order to generate more candidates for hard-to-fill positions. 

What does this look like in action?

  1. For jobs that have already been advertised, a “Boost” button will now appear on the jobs list


  2. Once the “Boost” button is clicked, you will be taken to check-out for a one-time payment of $400 to boost this advertisement.


  3. ...and that’s it! SmartRecruiters will leverage programmatic advertising technology to reach a larger audience of potential applicants for the roles you boost.

    The impact of leveraging boost can be found in Sourcing Analytics. Any spend in boosting job ads will fall under the “Paid” Source Type, and the “Boost” Source Subtype. Please note that this functionality will only be available for jobs located in the United States at this time.

Delightful Enhancements

Please find below all the delightful enhancements that were delivered throughout the course of this quarter: