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April 2020 Release Notes


Our April 2020 release reflects our continued investment in helping our customers achieve Hiring Success throughout all stages of the hiring process - starting from Talent Attraction and Engagement, Collaboration and Selection all the way to Management and Operating Model.

Talent Acquisition and Engagement

Collaboration and Selection

Management and Operating Model

SmartCRM New Campaign Dashboard

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  • SmartCRM



The new campaign dashboard includes a fresh look and additional tools that allow campaign creators and sourcers to track the performance of their campaign and understand how their audience interact with them. The new dashboard includes three main parts:

  • Campaign metrics: The metrics cover everything related to campaign performance, from deliverability to recipient's engagement.

  • Link tracking: We are adding a widget that tracks the unique clicks of all links and buttons in your campaign messages in order to understand what attracts your audience's attention more.

  • Email reading heatmap: The heatmap visualizes when does your audience reads the emails you are sending to them, so you can optimize your sending windows.

Read more: about New Campaign Dashboard (here).

​​​​​Performance-based Auto Job Distribution

  • SmartRecruit
  • SmartJobs

In the beginning of this year we released Automated Job Distribution functionality, which helps customers to automate their job postings to SmartJobs and the existing job board contracts via customised rules. We are now extending this feature with an option to trigger automated job postings only if the job doesn’t perform well enough.  This will help admin and recruiters to ensure that hard-to-fill positions are automatically attended to with programmatic budget allocation based on candidate pipeline progression.

On both SmartJobs and SmartDistribute rule-setting page, you will now see an additional question regarding posting rules:

When do you want to advertise your jobs?

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 11.20.55.png

You have two options:

  1. Immediately upon publishing: If you select this option, your jobs meeting the criteria defined in the automated job distribution rule will be distributed to the selected channels (either SmartJobs or your existing job board contracts) immediately upon publishing for the first time.
  2. After a specified time, only if less than enough candidates have applied: If you select this option, you will be able to define when you want your jobs to be advertised in external channels - simply add the desired number of candidates and time frame to customize the rule.

For example:

Post in 2 week(s), only if less than 5 candidate(s) have applied.

If you add the above condition to the automated job distribution rule, matching jobs will not be posted to the selected channels (either SmartJobs or your existing job board contracts) immediately upon publishing. Instead, the system will check once again 2 weeks after the publication date how many external candidates are there within the candidate pipeline. If there are less than 5 candidates in the pipeline, your job will be automatically posted to the selected external channels.

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 11.22.19.png

Note: Leads, and candidates in Withdrawn and Rejected statuses are excluded from the calculation of candidates.

Read more: see example (here).

Candidate Attachment Self-Serve

  • SmartRecruit

In efforts to improve recruiter productivity and candidate experience, candidates who need to supply additional attachments following their initial application can now self-manage this process.  This ensures that recruiters are provided recent, relevant information for decision making.

This feature is accessible to candidates, via their SmartRecruiters Candidate Portal account. By navigating to their application page, they will be able to: 

  • Download attachments: by simply clicking on the attachment, it will be downloaded on their machine.

  • Add attachments: once added, the attachment will be added shortly (can take up to 5 min) on the application in the back-office of the company in question. Recruiters will see a note on hover specifying “Attachment added by candidate on March 25th, 2020”. 

  • Request deletion: once the candidate clicks on the icon to delete an attachment, they will see a note asking them to confirm that they want to send the deletion request to the company. In their system, recruiters will see on the application that the candidate requested deletion with a special icon. Please note that only users who have the permission to delete attachments will be able to do so. 

Candidates will NOT see any document added by the hiring team in their candidate portal. They will only be able to download and request deletion of documents they personally added earlier in the process

Agency Management Enhancements

  • SmartRecruit

For customers who partner with 3rd party agencies through the Recruiter Portal, we have made a useful enhancement which will enable the recruiter to take faster action - like informing the agency that a candidate has applied directly. Recruiters will be informed via email when an agency submits a candidate which might be a duplicate

  1. The Recruiter sends a job to an agency.

  2. Agency submits candidates. The candidate is added to the customers’ job in Lead status.

  3. System checks the agency-submitted candidates against existing candidates. Where first name and last name both match and/or where email addresses match, a system-generated email is sent to the Recruiter.clipboard_e684f9add48f5629be3eb2820cb857b7b.png

  4. The Recruiter clicks on the people search link in the email and views the potential duplicates. The recruiter can filter further as needed - i.e. by Job applied to.

Read more: Agency Management FAQ (here).

SmartMessage - Early Access

  • SmartRecruit

SmartMessage empowers Hiring Teams to reach candidates wherever they are, instantly. It introduces real-time text messaging capabilities directly into the SmartRecruiter Talent Acquisition Suite. The Early Access release this quarter gives 10 select customers a limited preview of what is to come in the full SmartMessage release in July 2020. 

SmartMessage enables real-time 1:1 texting between Hiring Teams and candidates leveraging SMS technology, with higher read and response rates than SmartRecruiters’ existing email channel and is especially useful for Admins and Recruiters in the retail, seasonal labor, manufacturing, agriculture, finance, and technology spaces.  SmartMessage can enhance the entire hiring process, but will really shine in the candidate screening, interview, and review stages.

What does the Early Access version do?

10 select US customers will be able to

  • Send and receive 1:1 SMS text messages with US candidates from the Candidate Job Page

  • View message alerts via the Notification Bell

  • Include candidates in messaging with double opt-In

Additional Early Access limitations

  • Up to 10 users per customer

  • Up to 20,000 total incoming / outgoing messages per customer per month

More details of the early access program for selected customers will be sent through your respective Customer Success Manager.

Skip Approver

  • SmartRecruit

Job and offer approvals can be significantly delayed if one or more members are not able to complete their approval in a timely manner - e.g. out of office. With this feature, an Administrator can skip one or more approvers on a job or offer, thus helping the hiring team move forward.

  1. The Recruiter notices that an offer approver is out of office and informs the Administrator.

  2. The Administrator checks the profile and decides to skip the last approver.

  3. The Administrator selects a value and confirms the action. 

  4. The system displays the name of the Administrator who skipped the approver, with a time/date-stamp. 


Read more: Skip Approver FAQ (here).

Hiring Success Dashboard: Velocity

  • SmartRecruit

Hiring Velocity measures the percentage of jobs filled on time and helps to answer the question: “Are we able to hire the people we need when we need them?” With Hiring Velocity, CEOs and their executive team can accurately plan and forecast their ability to meet company growth targets. 

On the Hiring Success Dashboard, velocity is measured as the % of positions filled on time. A filled position is one where an applicant has been marked as Hired against a position on a job. Positions are considered to be filled on time if the actual start date for a candidate selected on the Hiring form is either before or within 7 days of the target start date defined on the position. 

Users will see a new metric showing Velocity on the Hiring Success Dashboard

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 10.31.28 PM.png

As users select different start and end dates on the dashboard, the % filled on time will change depending on the positions’ whose Target start dates fall within the user selections. Positions whose Target start data doesn’t fall within the user selection will not be included in the calculation. 

Below the Hiring Velocity metric, users will be able to see the count of hires made in that period, and they will also be able to see a breakdown of the positions open, positions filled on time and the positions filled late. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 10.33.01 PM.png

Users will also notice that the Net Hiring Score responses have been given a visual update showing the breakdown of survey responses between new hires and hiring managers. This update does not change the data captured for Net Hiring Score:  

In addition, the Net Hiring Score metric will also be enhanced with an additional visualization that shows the Net Hiring Score trend month to month: 

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 10.35.09 PM.png

Each point will represent the avg calculated Net Hiring Score from hires made in that month. The Net hiring score trend is displayed only if at least 2 complete months are selected in the date picker. If fewer than 2 complete months are included in the start and end date selection, users will see the following message: 

Use the date picker to select a time period of least 2 months to generate Net Hiring Score trend. 

Read more: about Net Hiring Score (here) and Hiring Success FAQ (here).​​​

​​​Multi-Location Jobs

  • SmartRecruit

To better enable our admin and recruiters in expanding your sourcing capabilities geographically, customers will now be able to create additional job ads under different locations under the same job without the hassle of creating multiple requisitions. New job ad locations must be in the same country as the default.

Candidates applying through the additionally created job ads with new locations will all be grouped under the People tab on the original job page.  Within each candidate application, the location at which the candidate applied to will be available at the recruitment progress sidebar where job details is displayed.

1. Job created in the application (Location: San Francisco, CA)

2. 3 additional job ads created with new locations (Detroit, MI / Austin, TX / Boston, MA)

3. 4 job ads in total are displayed in the career website (San Francisco, Detroit, Austin, Boston)

4. Candidates applying through these four job ads are all grouped under the default job in San Francisco

Read more: about how to use Multi-Location Jobs (here).

NOTE: Multi-Location Jobs ONLY applies to the desktop browser version of SmartRecruit. It does NOT apply to the Field Recruiting App.

SmartCRM Global Compliance: Data retention

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Data retention periods defined in the Global Compliance settings will now apply to prospects as well as candidates. 

The country value of a community (which a prospect is a part of) will determine the data retention period. When the prospects’ status becomes inactive (Not Selected, Not Interested or Transferred), the persons’ data will be deleted accordingly. 

Note: Once this feature is released, SmartRecruiters will run a retroactive clean-up for all customers’ prospects in the system. This clean-up is planned for the week of April 27, 2020. The SmartRecruiters Customer Success team will engage with customers in advance of this to ensure alignment and successful execution. 

Read more: CRM Data Retention FAQ (here).

Webhooks: Updated retry policy

  • SmartRecruit

For customers and partners taking advantage of webhooks today, SmartRecruiters currently attempts to re-deliver a webhook notification up to 3 times after the initial failure.

We are improving the webhook retry policy to increase the chances of successful webhook delivery and also to provide webhook consumers with additional visibility into successfully delivered webhook events. Webhook retries will now be extended up to 10 times with retries in a 24 hour period. 

Failed and successful webhook events will be stored up to 30 days after the last retry attempt. Users will have the ability to audit and retrieve a log of webhook events from the last 30 days via the Webhooks subscription API.

Access the log of webhook events through this endpoint:

To ensure that webhooks are not being blindly sent to a callback URL that is no longer active, SmartRecruiters will also deactivate any subscriptions if repeated failures from a webhook callback URL are received for 14 days or more. No events will be sent until the subscription is manually reactivated. 

Finally, when creating a webhook subscription through the POST:/subscription endpoint, clients can specify an email address where they would like to have email messages sent about a failed webhook event. Email notifications are sent to the registered email address if any webhook event fails to be delivered 3 times. Only 1 email is sent per day for the same event. The email will follow a template like the below: 

Global Compliance: Imprint

  • SmartRecruit

Under the Global Compliance settings, administrators will now be able to add a link to their Imprint (aka, Impressum or Corporate Information) as is commonly required in Austria, Germany and Switzerland among others. A new section is now created under "privacy policy" for users to add their Imprint and will work the same way as the default and country-specific privacy policy. The link will not be visible if customers do not add a URL.