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Delightful Enhancements: September 3, 2020


Control the job ad content visibility for unpublished jobs

Customers are now able to control the visibility of the job ad content for their unpublished jobs: If you don’t want the job ad content to be accessible for the unpublished positions, you can update your settings under Settings > Career Pages & Job Ad > Job Ad Configuration.


In case you decide to hide the content of the job ad from your unpublished jobs by disabling the checkbox above, your public job ad pages will look like below in case the job is a) unpublished, b) canceled, c) re-published only internally:


Note: The checkbox is enabled by default. It means that the general public will be able to see the job description for the unpublished/canceled jobs in case they land on the previously-generated public job ad URL.

[SmartCRM] New data fields available in Report Builder

Answers to community screening questions are now available in Report Builder. Additionally, the following data fields are now available under the Community Application column:

  • Time in community application state: Added

  • Time in community application state: Contacted

  • Time in community application state: Responded

  • Time in community application state: Interested

  • Community application removal date

  • Community application status before NOT_SELECTED

  • Community application status before NOT_INTERESTED

  • Community application status last change date

  • Community application state: Added Date

  • Community application state: Contacted Date

  • Community application state: Responded Date

  • Community application state: Interested Date

  • Community application state: Rejected Date

  • Community application state: Withdrawn Date

  • Community application state: Transferred Date