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Delightful Enhancements: November 26, 2020


Control the postings to job aggregators

You can now configure the default state of the 'Distribute to the major job aggregators' checkbox on your job ads. If you deactivate the 'Posting to free aggregators' toggle under Settings > Configuration > SmartLabs, the checkbox will be default unchecked on all the job ads under your account. You can still manually configure the checkbox when publishing the job ad.

Improve navigation between Employee Portal and SmartRecruiters

The Employee Portal link will be moved from the header to the avatar menu, as shown below.

Employee portal navigation

In addition to this, there will be a link in Employee Portal, under the avatar menu, so users can easily switch back from Employee Portal to SmartRecruiters Recruiting suite. This link will be shown for all users whose System Role is not "Employee".

Employee Portal homepage