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Delightful Enhancements: May 14, 2020


6 New Report Builder Templates

We are introducing 6 additional templates in Report Builder to help customers quickly reproduce existing Analytics Report Downloads. These reports replicate the data available from the Analytics Report Downloads page. Report template names and descriptions: 

  • Jobs Pipeline Report: See details and candidate pipeline counts for all jobs.

  • Positions Report: See details for positions created on all jobs.

  • Applications report: See details about all applications.

  • Hiring Team Report: See all hiring team members across all jobs.

  • Interviews and interviewer details report: See all details about interviews and interviewers. This report offers the most granular dataset around interviews.

Job and Org Fields Report: See all job and org field values for all jobs.


Analytics Report Downloads will be sunset

The Analytics Report Downloads page is deprecated and we will be removing access to this page on Thursday, May 21. All customers will be redirected to Report Builder to access this report data. Customers will have one week to transition to using Report Builder and the new report templates to get these datasets. We will have several in-product tool-tips to redirect users to using Report Builder. 

Please note that the Analytics API will continue to be accessible for all customers who have an existing data pipeline integration to this API. However, we will be removing access to the Developer portal documentation. No new integrations should be made to the Analytics API. Instead, any data integrations should utilize the Reporting API. The Analytics API is scheduled to sunset in the latter half of 2020. Additional details about transitioning current Analytics API integration will be provided to customers by the end of July. 


Copy update for Net Hiring Score survey email to hires

We are making a small copy change to the candidate email for Net Hiring Score survey so the tone is better balanced for hires who may have already left the company before the survey email is sent. See below for the updated email: 

Increased legal clarity on job ad pages

We are adding a “Data Processor” note in brackets right next to the SmartRecruiters logo on job ad pages in order to provide further legal clarity regarding our role in the application process.