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Delightful Enhancements: March 5, 2020


Enhancement to Compare Candidates configuration

Where Hiring Team Roles configuration for Cards Down is set to Yes, non-Administrator users no longer have the ability to see the reviews, ratings and scorecards of other users without first completing their own reviews and ratings. This change closes a loophole.

Sunset Compliance report downloads

As previously announced in our January release, we will be transitioning our reporting functionalities under the "Settings/Admin > Reporting" section and unifying it with our Analytics Reports and Report Builder.

For SmartRecruit users:

  •  You will need to access all Compliance Reports with Report Builder.  If you have not already created and shared your reports yet, see how to create them with system templates here.
  • Analytics Reports will continue to be accessible in the header bar under "Analytics > Analytics Report".

For SmartStart users:

  • You will no will no longer have access to the Applicant flow report under this setting.  If you would like to continue having access to this report through report builder, please reach out to us.