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Delightful Enhancements: July 9, 2020


SmartCRM: Replicate completed campaigns

Sourcers will now be able to replicate campaigns that have ended or that were stopped. When replicating a campaign, all settings and content will be copied in the new campaign, except for the campaign's starting and ending dates.


Improved post-application experience for the candidates

Our newest improvements regarding the candidate experience will make the post-application process easier and faster for your job applicants. 

Candidates have the option to create a SmartRecruiters account, if they have not done so before, to follow their application status, make changes to their personal information and application documents if needed. As SmartRecruiters has Candidate Experience in its DNA, we are making new UI/UX improvements in the post-application process.




What are the changes?

1. Design Improvements: We are giving a new look to our post-application landing page by updating the icons and using clearer wording about the benefits of creating a SmartRecruiters profile after the job application. The page now clearly explains that the job application has been successfully submitted, and the post-application experience can be improved by creating a SmartRecruiters account.

2. Easier Sign-Up: Our previous post-application landing page did not allow first-time users to perform any action in the page as the candidate hasn’t signed up for the service yet. We are now allowing the candidates to create an account right after the job application so that they can immediately start tracking the status of their job application and update their personal details if needed. 

After signing up, the candidates will receive a link to verify their email addresses on their email account used during the application process.

Note: If the candidate already is already authenticated with a SmartRecruiters account at the moment of application, they will directly land on the SmartRecruiters home page where they can start tracking their job application.