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Delightful Enhancements: February 6, 2020


Option to enforce cards down

Added a new configuration option in Hiring Team Roles so that customers can now enforce  interviewers to provide their own reviews before reviewing others’. It is the Yes option. This will help reduce bias and group-think. The current experience has been re-labeled Yes with override - where More > Show reviews is still enabled. 

Config: prevent edits of Reviews, Ratings & Scorecard criteria 

Added a new configuration so that a user participating in interviews can be prevented from editing submitted reviews (comments), ratings (1-5 stars) and scorecard criteria (1-5 bar and comments). This is useful for compliance audits, where the customer will need the original submission to support the hiring decision made at the time. Where 'Edit' is turned off, a user is still able to add an additional review and rating in cases where s/he needs to share more information.

Internal mobility: sort jobs by posted date on the Careers page

Internal candidates are now able to sort jobs by Posted Date (i.e. most recently posted jobs are listed at the top) as well as alphabetical order (A-Z). This works in conjunction with Group by - so a candidate could sort all Analyst jobs by either A-Z or Posted Date.

Download reports as Excel 

Users will now have the option to generate an Excel file when they create a new report in Report Builder:

The file format is XLSX. The CSV version of the file will always be generated by default. Users will have the option to choose which file to download. 

Filter GET:/candidates by screening questions and application fields

Two new parameters will be made available in the GET:/candidates endpoint of the Candidate API. Customers will be able to take advantage of the ability to filter the responses by: 

  • Single-select and multiselect screening Questions 

  • Single select Application Fields 

See the live docs for additional details:

REFID included in the “Job Applied To” filter on the People page

When filtering by “Job applied to” in the People page, users will be able to find and select jobs based on REFID of the job. This makes it easier to choose values for this filter.