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Delightful Enhancements: February 27, 2020


Search typeahead redirects

When searching and accessing candidates from the search typeahead, users are usually redirected to the All applications view for a candidate. This had prompted some users to suggest a usability enhancement in the cases when a candidate only has a single application. Now, when a user access a candidate from the typeahead search and the candidate only has a single application, then the system will redirect the user directly to the application view instead. This change is limited to the typeahead and has no impact on any other candidate search functionality.

Display more of the Job title on Jobs and Internal mobility pages

When viewing job lists in either the jobs page or internal mobility page, job titles were truncated after 50 characters. On the jobs page, this will increase to 70 characters and 80 characters on the internal mobility page. If the job title is longer, the user can still hover over the title to see it in full.