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Delightful Enhancements: December 10, 2020


Adding reCaptcha to lead capture forms

We have added reCAPTCHA by Google to lead capture forms in order to improve bot detection. This feature will be available to all existing or new lead capture forms published by SmartCRM users, and doesn't require any configuration on users' end.

Internal auto reply templates

Customers using Internal Mobility or Employee Portal can now have separate auto reply templates for external and internal candidates.

Admin configuration

Internal auto reply templates can be found in the auto reply settings, in the new tab called "Internal Auto reply" (link). Like the existing auto reply templates, their content and configuration can be customized by Admin users. 

The existing auto reply template library will also remain in the auto reply settings under the tab named "External Auto Reply".

Internal vs External templates

An internal auto reply will be used when at least one of the following is true:

  • An internal candidate applies to an internal job ad (e.g. Employee Portal, Internal Mobility careers page, internal job widget etc.).

  • A candidate applies to a public or an internal job ad using an email address matching the authenticated company domain.

  • A candidate, whose profile already exists in the ATS and is flagged as "Employee", applies to an internal job ad.  

In any other scenario an external auto reply template will be used....

  • This includes someone with an Employee Badge that applies via external job ad with their personal email or when your companies domain authentication is not turned on. This is because our system picks up "internal=true" to identify that the candidate was internal and email is based on that, whereas the Employee Badge is just a UI element. Workaround:To make that application "internal=true," go to that candidate in the Job Ad and re-mark them as an Employee with the manual flag management toggle. 

Feature activation

In order to ensure a smooth transition, the default auto reply template and all existing custom templates, including their content and configuration, will be copied as internal templates. Admin users will then be able to make any changes they see appropriate, like customising their content.

Copying the existing templates will require SmartRecruiters to run a data migration in the background, which is scheduled for Thursday, December 10th 2020. The new feature will be visible to you when the migration has been completed successfully.


Q: How does this new feature affect the existing auto reply template library?

A: The existing library will now be in the tab titled "External Auto Reply". SmartRecruiters will not make any changes to the content or the configuration of these templates.

Q: Is there a limit of how many templates can be?

A: No, SmartRecruiters do not impose a limit on the number of templates.

Q: Why are existing templates copied as internal?

A: This happens in order to ensure a smooth transition to the new setup. Until now, the templates were used both for external and internal candidates. By copying existing templates as internal, we ensure that internal candidates will keep receiving the auto replies that were expected.

Q: My company is using Internal Mobility or Employee Portal, but I cannot see the new feature in my account. What can I do about it? 

A: This feature will be available to you once your company's data has been migrated successfully. This is scheduled to start on Thursday, December 10th 2020, and will be completed the latest by the next day (Friday, December 11th 2020).

Improvements to Offer Template settings  

The Offer Templates settings page now has sorting (A-Z and Recent activity), searching (template names and org field values) and infinite scroll.