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Delightful Enhancements: April 2, 2020


Candidate Attachment Self-Serve

From their candidate portal, candidates will now be able to manage the attachments they previously attached.

 By navigating to their application page, they will be able to: 

  • Download attachments: by simply clicking on the attachment, it will be downloaded on their machine.

  • Add attachments: once added, the attachment will be added shortly (can take up to 5mn) on the application in the back-office of the company in question. Recruiters will see a note on hover specifying “Attachment added by candidate on March 25th, 2020”. 

  • Request deletion: once the candidate clicks on the icon to delete an attachment, they will see a note asking them to confirm that they want to send the deletion request to the company. In their system, recruiters will see on the application that the candidate requested deletion with a special icon. Please note that only users who have the permission to delete attachments will be able to do so. 

[External Referral Form] Consent checkbox added

When a user submits a referral through the referral form, they will now have to check a box indicating that their data will be collected by the company. This consent sentence follows the structure configured in the Global Compliance setting under the “Privacy Policy Sentence” setting  (where you can choose between “read and understand” vs “read and agree”). We invite all customers to review their privacy policy to mention how referrer / referral data is treated. 

[SmartCRM] New campaign dashboard: Campaign metrics

The new campaign dashboard includes a fresh look, additional metrics and the ability to summarize the performance of all campaign messages or focus on the performance of a specific message. You can learn more more about the new dashboard and metrics here.

[Candidate Portal] Job Description now available on application page

In order to maximise a positive candidate experience for candidates, we added a snippet of the description of the job they applied to! It will contain all information provided in the job ad but does not include the map nor videos. That way, they will be able to easily check this information when reviewing their application or preparing for an interview!