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Delightful Enhancements: April 16, 2020


[SmartCRM] Track Clicks on Campaign Links and Preview Campaign Messages

We are adding a new widget in the campaign dashboard with a detailed breakdown of the links that have been used in the campaign and have been clicked by the recipients, as well as the number of unique and total clicks that each link has attacked. 

In addition to link tracking, we are adding the ability to quickly preview the look of a campaign message while in the campaign dashboard.

To learn more about it, visit the Help Center page.

[One-click] Suggesters for company name when filling application form

When candidates fill in their applications manually, they will now be presented with a list of suggestions for the companies (in the Experience section). This will increase the positive experience of candidates when applying to your organization as well as bringing greater data accuracy when it comes to reporting, filtering or SmartAssistant results. 

[Public API] New endpoint on Webhook Subscription API to fetch callback logs

The new endpoint allows partners and customers to retrieve callback requests details up to 30 days from the date of requests. It is particularly useful in the event when webhook messages failed to deliver after multiple retry attempts.

See the live documents for information for more details on the callback logs: