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Delightful Enhancements: September 5, 2019


SmartLabs: Unpublished Date on Job Creation 

  • SmartRecruit

At Hiring Success 2017’s hackathon, an amazing team of Customer + SmartRecruiters engineers produced a great hack: through a Chrome Extension and some setup for each user, you were able to set up unpublishing dates for your jobs. After seeing high usage, we decided to make it available for all of our customers. In Admin / Settings, you will be able to find a new page called “SmartLabs”.


Turning the toggle on will allow any users who have a publish/unpublish job permission to set an unpublish date as well for all types of jobs (public, internal, private). It will be unpublished on the date set up, at midnight in the timezone of the unpublishing user (the timezone is the one of the user’s computer). 

Please note that the existing chrome extension will not be needed anymore and it can be uninstalled from the chrome browser.

Candidate SmartProfile: Retaining active applications

  • SmartRecruit

In addition to being able to edit, add or delete specific information (personal, work experience etc.) of their existing active applications in the Candidate Portal, candidates can fully delete their Candidate SmartProfile. With this enhancement all existing, active applications will be kept when a candidate deletes their full SmartProfile unless they take a specific, separate action.  

The following message will notify them that their active applications will be retained:

I understand that (please check all the following):

  • My SmartRecruiters Candidate Portal account will be deleted and I will not be able to access it anymore

  • Deleting my SmartRecruiters Candidate Portal account cannot be undone

Please note that deleting your candidate portal will NOT delete your profile and applications at the companies you have applied to. 

If you wish to withdraw your interest or delete your profile for each company, please go to the “My Application” page to proceed.

In the above text, we made sure that we were specifying “SmartRecruiters” account in every sentence and that no data will be deleted from the companies the candidate applied to unless they take a specific action on the “My Application” page.

Although this enhancement aims to keep active applications visible to the user, the candidate continues to have full ownership of their own data and they can withdraw/delete active applications at any time.

Useful tips on Screening Question Config

  • SmartRecruit

We released some helpful tips when editing a screening questions set. Just click on the link below and you will see a popup with explanations!

If you click on “How to” in the second tip, it also gives you some info on how to use markdowns to format your screening questions:

New back-office languages: Ukrainian and Czech!

  • SmartRecruit

We have two new languages released for back-office user: Ukrainian and Czech. This is now available under Settings > Locales Preferences.