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Delightful Enhancements: September 26, 2019


The focus of this week was user interface enhancements throughout our recruiter platform, as well as the candidate portal.

Updated icons 

This is a simple style change to update the older icons in our system to a more sleek design. The icons update is part of an ongoing design effort to maintain a high usability standard to ensure the best experience for our users.


Candidate Portal user interface updates

Offers page

Old New
Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 10.59.25 AM.png ​​​​​​Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 10.57.46 AM.png

Interview page

Old New
Q3-2019_Delights_Release_Notes_-_Google_Docs2.png ​​​​​​Q3-2019_Delights_Release_Notes_-_Google_Docs.png

Progress bar

The status bar was updated on the single application view as well as the all applications view. On the single application view, the status bar is represented with the brand color. 

On the all applications view, the status bar is in the same blue as our navigation bar.

Brand Website

We are now displaying the website of the brand directly next to progress bar so that it is easy for candidates to get more information. In case there is no brand website specified in your Brands settings, there won’t be any button available.