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Delightful Enhancements: October 17, 2019


Audit API events: Job Fields & Position Update

  • SmartRecruit

Two new events are being added to our Audit API to allow more transparency and audit capabilities: 

  1. Job fields update 

  2. Position update

Wording change for In-Review email

  • SmartRecruit

We are clarifying that data controllership in the in-review email notification as well as the popup that shows on the SmartRecruiters candidate portal after a candidate applies, by adding the word SmartRecruiters. 



Dear  [First Name],


Your profile is being viewed by the hiring team. You can check your status by clicking the link below.

Dear [First Name], 


Your profile is being viewed by the hiring team. You can check your status on your SmartRecruiters account by clicking on the link below.

Welcome to your Candidate Portal

  • Track the status of your job application

  • Communicate with the hiring team

  • Manage and access your data


Now head over your inbox and click on the link of the email we just sent you in order to finalize the creation of your Candidate Portal. 

Welcome to SmartRecruiters!

This is the best place to:

  • TRACK your job applications

  • COMMUNICATE directly with the hiring team

  • UPDATE your SmartProfile to put your best foot forward

  • CONTROL your data and privacy settings

Get access to all of these by creating your SmartRecruiters account. Head over your inbox and click on the link of the email we've just sent you in order to complete this process.

Report Builder: Report on Education and Employment History

  • SmartRecruit

Users will be able to create a report for all the employment and education history fields on the candidate profile. The list includes: 

  • Occupation/Title

  • Company/Business Name

  • Job Description/Responsibilities

  • Is current experience?

  • Employment start date

  • Employment end date

  • Education start date

  • Education end date

  • Education degree

  • Education major 

  • Educational institution

  • Current title

  • Current employer

Access the full list of Report Builder fields here:

Webhooks: Additional Events

  • SmartRecruit

We’ve made it possible to subscribe to 2 new webhook events: 

  • Job Hiring Team updated - whenever a member of the hiring team is added or removed, webhook subscriber will be notified. 

  • Application Screening Question updated - whenever there’s a change to a screening question answer, then webhook subscriber will be notified. 

Learn more about webhooks:

See our live docs for full list of available webhooks:

[Candidate Portal] New sign-in page + sign-in with Google

  • SmartRecruit

Candidate now have a new, branded and engaging sign-in page to enter their SmartRecruiters candidate portal.