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Delightful Enhancements: November 21, 2019


Report Builder: Report on Resume/CV data fields

Include fields in an Application report to check if a resume/CV file is attached to the application and when the file was last updated. Data fields include: 

  • Is resume attached?

  • Resume last update date

  • File name

Report Builder: Deferred candidates data fields

Create a Candidate report to analyze who has been deferred and when their deferral date expires. Data points include: 

  • Is candidate deferred?

  • Deferral creation date 

  • Deferral note

  • Deferral expire date

Customer API: Signed webhooks 

In our October release, we introduced the ability to trigger webhook notifications on updates (job created, application field updated, etc,) in the system. 

This functionality allows partners & customers to build smarter integrations. With this week’s delight release, we’ve added a layer of security that ensures all webhook notifications are stamped with a unique signature from SmartRecruiters. 

Review these endpoints to learn more: