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Delightful Enhancements: December 19, 2019


Candidate Sign-Up Page

  • SmartRecruit

Candidate can now create their My SmartRecruiters Candidate Portal account without having to apply to a job first. This way, they will be able to quickly apply to your jobs with their SmartProfile.

Report Builder: Job Ads data

  • SmartRecruit

Include job ads data in reports to check the status of the job ad, the dates when it was posted and unposted, as well as the job ad details such as description and qualifications. Job Ad data will be split into two reporting entities: Default Job Ad and Job Ads. Users will be able to bring in the default job ads data fields into a Jobs report to combine the data fields from both entities. Fields include:

  • Job Ad Id

  • Job Ad Creation Date

  • Job ad visibility

  • Job Ad language

  • Company description

  • Job description

  • Qualifications

  • Additional information

  • Is job ad published?

  • Job Ad Earliest Publish Date 

  • Job Ad Latest Publish Date 

  • Job Ad Earliest Unpublish Date

  • Job Ad Latest Unpublish Date

Data Retention : Country Values

  • SmartRecruit

Administrators now have the same 13 values for all countries on Global Compliance settings for data retention.