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Delightful Enhancements: August 8, 2019


Choose a source when adding a candidate to a job

  • SmartRecruit

When adding a candidate to another job, users will now be able to enter which source this candidate is coming from. The default source is the one of the application you are taking the action from. Before, when adding a candidate to another job, it was defaulted to SmartRecruiters as a source. 



Support permissions in People filters (including Screening Questions!)

  • SmartRecruit

The full range of Access Groups and Customizable Hiring Team Roles permissions are now supported in all Candidate filters on the Job Details page » People tab and on the People page

This is an important update because in our April release, we rolled out the ability to filter candidates by Screening Question answers. Originally, this filter was limited to users with Administrators and Extended system roles or full access permissions to candidates. 

Now the screening filter is available to the full range of System roles including Standard and Basic users, while ensuring the exact custom permissions determined by a user’s Hiring Team role are honored so users only see candidate results where they have access. 

For example, a user without permission to filter screening question answers on a job A, but who does have access to filter screening question answers on job B, will see all the candidates from job B who match their selected filter, but will not see candidates from job A, whom they do not have access to, show up in their search results. 

The updated logic honoring user’s combined system role and hiring team role permissions also applies to these filters: 

  • Screening Question answers
  • Application (aka. Candidate Fields)
  • Tags
  • Ratings
  • Rejection & Withdrawal reasons 
  • Consent request 
  • Recruiters 

Prompt user to save campaigns as draft

  • SmartRecruit
  • +
  • SmartCRM

When users are in the campaign wizard and click on "Return to campaigns" or the browser's back button, a message will appear prompting their user to save their changes.

New SmartRecruiters banner for Facebook jobs

  • SmartRecruit

We've added a branded SmartRecruiters banner for all jobs posted on Facebook.

Job board contracts management improvements

  • SmartRecruit

We have made improvements to the job board contract management pages, such as contract name and specific fields for certain major job boards. They are now available so that our Marketplace Operations team can manage new job board contract requests more efficiently.