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Delightful Enhancements: August 29, 2019


Approvals API

  • SmartRecruit

Available under this link: HERE, our new Approvals API offers greater flexibility for customers using approval chains. With this API, users will be able to retrieve pending approvals requests where you are an approver and create an approval chain. Use custom logic to determine the right approvers base, outside of simply using org fields, and then use the API to update the approvers on your approval chain. 

Here is an example of how you can use it: 

  • Create a single approval chain (offer or job) with a named user dedicated to the integration (Approval Integration User for example). 

  • When the recruiter prepares the offer and sends it for approval, she will still be able to enter comments and trigger the approval integration. 

  • Based on your integration schedule (every hour, every 6 hours, everyday, for example), the integration will then “update” the approval chain with the correct users according to the criteria you will set in the integration.

  • To build custom logic to drive approvals, we recommend using the following endpoints to retrieve and filter your jobs and applications:

    • GET Job Properties (job and org fields, location)

    • GET Positions (approved headcount within the job)

    • GET Hiring Team (hiring team members and roles of the job)

    • GET Candidate Properties (application fields)

    • GET Offer Fields

    • GET Screening Questions 

  • Your integration will be able to benefit from new endpoints that include: 

    • GET Approval Requests 

    • POST Approval Request based on previous one with new approvers

Approval Request consists of id, subject (job or offer), type (parallel or sequential), steps (steps of approver)

Quick link to access all reviews of a candidate from the application page

  • SmartRecruit

It is sometimes hard to navigate between applications to see all the reviews that have been made about a candidate. We added a quick link in the reviews tab that takes you to the list of all the reviews that have been previously made about that candidate for other jobs. You will only be able to see the reviews that you have permissions to access (from your system role access, if the job is part of your access group, your hiring team role on the job, or if a candidate has been shared with you).

Attachment in Job Details

  • SmartRecruit

Now you will be able to add attachments to your job in the Job Details tab, right under Internal Notes. There is no limit to the number of attachments you can add. 

The access levels required by Hiring Teams to use this feature are: 

Internal Job Details 
Write: Can add / remove attachment
Read: Can see attachment 
None: Can't see or add attachments

Report Builder: Approvals and Offers data

  • SmartRecruit

Fresh data points will be available in Report Builder and the Reporting API, including: 

  • Job Approvals

  • Offer Approvals 

  • Offers - excludes offer fields and comments

  • Salary min/max on the job 

Users will be able to build reports to analyze approvals lag time, aggregate the total number of offers extended, and calculate offer acceptance rate. See the full list of available data points here.

Alert Banners UI Update

  • SmartRecruit

This is a simple visual change to the alert banners. The update includes success, error, warning, and information messages.