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Delightful Enhancements (2019)


A historical log of Delightful Enhancements from 2019 will be included here. 

  • Delightful Enhancements: August 15, 2019
    Setting to share the latest resume across all applications | Webhooks | New endpoint in the User API: Get SSO ID Edit section | Report Builder: Filter on “Department Org field” and “Job location - Country” | Report Builder: more data points
  • Delightful Enhancements: August 22, 2019
    CRM: Edit community application source | CRM: Select any brand logo in campaign | Global Compliance: Ability to pick the consent wording | New time-stamp in Activity tab when a user changes the status of a candidate | Alphabetical sorting on candidate fields values
  • Delightful Enhancements: August 29, 2019
    Approvals API | Quick link to access all reviews of a candidate from the application page | Attachment in Job Details | Report Builder: Approvals and Offers data | Alert Banners UI Update
  • Delightful Enhancements: August 8, 2019
    Choose a source when adding a candidate to a job | Support permissions in People filters | Prompt user to save campaigns as draft | New SmartRecruiters banner for Facebook jobs | Job board contracts management improvements
  • Delightful Enhancements: December 12, 2019
    Job Ad: Brand Logo linked to Company Website | Report Builder: Include Offer Fields in an Offers report | Filter by Application Field on the Job Page » People tab
  • Delightful Enhancements: December 19, 2019
    Candidate Sign-Up Page | Report Builder: Job Ads data | Data Retention : Country Values
  • Delightful Enhancements: December 5, 2019
    Localization: Onboarding Status Translations | Job Widget: European Date Format
  • Delightful Enhancements: November 14, 2019
    Hiring App: Login Screen Update | Report Builder: Ability to filter on True/False data fields | Branded Buttons on 1-Click
  • Delightful Enhancements: November 21, 2019
    Report Builder: Report on Resume/CV data fields | Report Builder: Deferred candidates data fields | Customer API: Signed webhooks
  • Delightful Enhancements: November 7, 2019
    Action Center for Android | Report Builder Data Points | Audit API move out of beta | SmartAssistant: Match Score color update
  • Delightful Enhancements: October 10, 2019
    Report Builder: Screening Questions data | New Audit API Events: Job Fields Settings Update | Global Compliance for Hired Candidates
  • Delightful Enhancements: October 17, 2019
    Audit API events: Job Fields & Position Update | Wording change for In-Review email | Report Builder: Report on Education and Employment History | Webhooks: Additional Events | Candidate Portal: New sign-in page + sign-in with Google
  • Delightful Enhancements: October 3, 2019
    Additional featured reporting areas | Reports informational view | Reports scheduled status | Report filters not added warning | Report Builder permission change
  • Delightful Enhancements: September 12, 2019
    Report Builder: “View Only” users can run a report | Report Builder: Interviews Data | Ability to Remove Default Disposition Reasons | Setting to Make Disposition Reason Mandatory | Hired positions data is not cleared when a candidate is deleted | Preview all formatting when creating a screening question | New navigation in Candidate Portal
  • Delightful Enhancements: September 19, 2019
    Mobile Hiring App: Searching for Jobs using RefID | Mobile Hiring App: Employee tag on the applicant list | Candidate Portal: Profile Completeness Bar | Jobs also searchable in top navigation typeahead | Job Fields Values Limit increased to 5,000 | Additional webhooks available
  • Delightful Enhancements: September 26, 2019
    Updated icons | Candidate Portal user interface updates
  • Delightful Enhancements: September 5, 2019
    SmartLabs: Unpublished Date on Job Creation | Candidate SmartProfile: Retaining active applications | Useful tips on Screening Question Config | New back-office languages: Ukrainian and Czech