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Delightful Enhancements: March 3, 2022


Improved navigation experience on hiring mobile app for Android users


With this release, we have now improved the navigation experience for android mobile users. Earlier users would navigate to various pages using the menu icon. Going forward users can access the menu items from a bottom navigation bar directly. 

Users can also slide between the various items on the home between ‘Tasks’, ‘Action Center’, and ‘Hireloop’, instead of clicking each tab individually. 

In addition, users will always see the notifications and profile icon on the header for easy access no matter where they navigate to in the application. 

Referral badge on referred candidates

This delight is a Visual indication when Referred Candidates are in your candidate pool. This paired with the Referrals Filter that is already available will help recruiters and hiring teams meet Referral-SLA’s by helping you quickly identify Referrals. 

All Back Office users will be able to see this badge. Following your feedback, all referrals are covered under this Green REFERRAL Badge. We will continue to listen for additional feedback and iterate accordingly. 

Note: Referrals are Job specific. This will only show up in the context of a job. 

Available on 

  • Candidate List on the job

  • Candidates application

Not available on 

  • People Tab

Candidate List on the Job Visualimage15.png

Candidate Application Visual