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Delightful Enhancements: February 17, 2022


Assigning Individual Users to Job Posting Contracts

For SmartDistribute users, we now offer the ability for admins to configure which individual users at their organization should be able to use credits from job board contracts you added in SmartRecruiters, reducing credit waste and allowing your organization to budget and allocate your contracts.

In the Job Posting Contracts page, you will now see a new tab beside “Credits Overview” - Access Controls. In this tab, you can edit any active contract to configure user permissions:image5.png

  • Private refers to admin-only. Use this setting if you are working on configuring this contract and you do not want credits to be used yet.

  • Open means everyone at your organization that has permissions to advertise has access to use this contract to advertise a job.

  • Custom means only specified individuals at your organization will have access to use this contract to advertise a job.


Within the Candidate API, customers can use a PUT action to update multiple properties for one candidate in bulk for a given job. These can include a wide range of field types such as text, currency, date, single-select & user, among others. With this, we have also deprecated the endpoint to update a single property value. Learn more HERE.