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Delightful Enhancements: February 10, 2022


‘New Candidate Applied’ notification email update

To better align with GDPR Article 5 which stipulates principles of purpose limitation and data minimization, the email template of 'New Candidate Applied' notification email to users will no longer include links and information of another job which the candidate previously applied to within your organization.

Improved UX on custom email domain configuration

To help provide more clarity on the purpose of configuring a subdomain name when configuring Custom Email Domain Authentication, a new interactive UI element corresponding to subdomain is added onto the ‘Send From Domain’ step.image4.png

"Casual" Employment Type added

For Jobs with the location defined to be within Australia, the "Type of Employment" field will now have an additional "Casual" value available so this can be mapped to job boards that have that value available (e.g. Seek).

Improved UX for Job Posting Contracts

For SmartDistribute users, we have created a more sleek and consolidated view of all your contracts in the Job Posting Contracts page. Additionally, you can now:

  • Search by Supplier Name, Contract Name, and Added By

  • Filter by Status (Active, Inactive), as well as date the contract was added

  • Sort by Supplier, Contract Name, Added On, Expiration Date, and Added Byimage1.png

 Additionally, we improved the experience for adding a contract to offer you a more modern and focused space to enter in all the key details for your contract.image3.png