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Delightful Enhancements: February 3, 2022


Interview API - List interviews endpoint

A new endpoint is now available for the Interviews resources. 

API users can now retrieve a list of interviews of an application from the Interview API using GET /interviews. The interviews returned from this endpoint includes interviews created from the API and interviews created by end users in the SmartRecruiters schedulers.

See our developer documentation for more detail.

Individual Free Aggregator Selection When Advertising a Job

We’ve added the ability to pick and choose specific free aggregators you want to publish your job ad to, allowing you to be more specific and relevant when advertising your job so as to reach the right audience.  

When publishing your job and assigning your hiring team, the visibility selection step will now be exposed:


From here, you can select the Edit List option to customize the list of free aggregators you want to post this ad to:


Additionally, you can save these preferences for the future, saving you time when publishing the job!

SmartPal: Support for WeChat messaging channel

SmartPal can now be configured to work with WeChat, the Chinese multipurpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app. The channel is added to the existing list of SMS, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Enablement for this messaging channel would need to be completed by your implementation team or speak with your CSM if you would like to extend your existing configuration to include WeChat.