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Delightful Enhancements: January 20, 2022


Back-slash on Candidate field values

Candidate field values now accept the back-slash special character "\". This is available in both SmartRecruit UI and via Public API (Configuration API, within candidate-properties).

Application Notes data points

Customers can now report on notes added to candidates that are part of an ongoing application. Customers can expect to get access to note text, note creator, timestamps and other useful information. Two points for consideration:

  • Due to existing data privacy configurations, only application notes with team or public visibility can be reported on

  • Only notes connected to an application are reportable; notes that are only related to a candidate outside any hiring process are not available at this moment.

New data points available:

Note ID, Note Content, Note Visibility, Note Creator ID, Note Creator Email, Note Creator Full Name, Note Creation Date, Is Note Deleted

New Public API category - Job Applications API

Customers can now use our Public API to GET Job Applications details using only the jobApplicationId. This simplifies our API structure - in our existing model both candidateId and jobId were required to complete the same action.