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Delightful Enhancements: December 16, 2021


Employee Application Tracking now supports Custom Email Domain Authentication

For customers that have set up Custom Email Domain Authentication and use Employee Application Tracking, employees will now receive their One Time Password emails from your Custom Domain. This will increase ease of use for your employees and continue to secure their applications. Find more insight into Custom Email Domain Authentication on the HelpCenter Documentation

Note: this authentication step is not required for customers using Employee Portal, where Internal Application Tracking is available by default. This release only impacts customers using Internal

API: Assessment Result Endpoint

A new endpoint to retrieve assessment results is now available. 

API users can retrieve assessment results of a job application using the endpoint by providing application_id. If you are using OAuth 2.0 to authenticate for the request, the access scope assessment_order_read must be included. See our developer documentation for more detail.

Note: The endpoint will only return assessment results provided by partners integrated with SmartRecruiters using the SmartRecruiters Assessment API (2021). Assessment results from partners integrated with the older assessment API will not be returned.

Notification Email to Organizer When Candidates Self-schedule

Interview organizers (schedulers) who create self-scheduling invitations to candidates will now receive notification emails when candidates confirm a time slot in the self-scheduler.


Note: This notification email does not indicate the candidate accepted or declined the interview invitation. Candidates will only receive the interview invitation email after he/she confirms a time slot in the self-scheduler.

Webhooks: Review events

We have added 3 additional webhook events that webhook users will be able to subscribe to:

  • review.created - Event callback will trigger when a review of an application is created.

  • review.updated - Event callback will trigger when a review of an application is updated.

  • review.deleted - Event callback will trigger when a review of an application is deleted.