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Delightful Enhancements: December 9, 2021


Terminating Agency Assignments for Filled Roles

Once a job has been filled, the appropriate status for that job will now be reflected in the Recruiter Portal, mapping to the “Canceled” status - meaning the role was filled by a candidate that was not referred by the recruiter but was sourced elsewhere and therefore the agency assignment is no longer active. 

Additionally, if you have set multiple positions for the job in question, the status will not change to “Canceled” or “Completed” until all positions are filled. 

application_id is now included in application webhooks

`application_id`, the unique identifier of a candidate job application, is now returned as an additional field in the payload of application callback events. 

Specifically, the following webhook callback events now include the field `application_id`:

  • application.created

  • application.status.updated

  • application.source.updated

  • application.fields.updated

  • application.screening-answers.updated

  • application.onboarding-status.updated

  • application.attachment.created

New API endpoint for Source details

A new endpoint has been added to the Configuration API which retrieves source details when the input is a single source identifier.