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Delightful Enhancements: November 25, 2021


Report Builder UI: New features

This week, we are introducing some quality of life updates to the Report Builder experience. These changes aim to improve usability and give the Report Builder user more information about their reports, and more agility to run reports concurrently.

Report Builder: Field reorganization

The report construction will now start with area or template selection. Make sure to check our template library first to jump-start your new report creation!


Report naming has now been moved further down, next to the report frequency selection. This will allow users to keep the naming top of mind before running the report, without having to scroll all the way up to name it in case they forgot.

Report List: New features and visual indicators

We’re making updates to report list and adding status indicators to reports, as well as additional information and functionality to the list itself.


To the left, you will be able to see the new status icons. These will show information about the report:

  • New: report has been created, but no files currently available

  • Green check: report’s last run has been successful

  • Yellow mark: report is currently running

  • Red mark: report’s last run has failed

Additionally, you can also now see when the report was last run, and who has last modified this report. To the right, you can now toggle a run of a report immediately with the play button. You can even toggle multiple report runs simultaneously!

Report Details: New features and more information on reports

The Report Details page has also undergone significant improvements:


Here you can see the same status indicators shown in the report list, but for every individual report file. Additionally, you can get, at a glance, deep information about the report configuration and scheduling frequency in the new details header. You can also immediately toggle a report run from this screen, by using the new “Run” button.