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Delightful Enhancements: November 4, 2021


Hiring Team member and Hiring Team role filters on dashboards and reports

Filters for Hiring Team Member and Hiring Team Role are now available for all Dashboards and Reports in the SmartRecruiters’ ecosystem. They can be found on the Filter bar, just below the show/hide deleted jobs option.

Note that when selecting multiple different filters, they will combine together with an AND logic. When selecting multiple options within the same filter, then an OR logic applies.

Hiring Team Role filter usage

image6.pngThis filter allows the user to filter the data of a specific dashboard or report by selecting a specific role - system default or custom - and return the subset of data that relates to all team members with that role.

The feature shows the most common team roles for a quick one-click selection, but also allows for searching and selecting further roles upon clicking the search bar on top of the role list. Multiple roles can be selected at the same time.


Hiring Team Member filter usage

image8.pngThis filter allows the user to search for any team member’s name and apply a filter to the data of the dashboard or report they are seeing. The name match is done against the team member’s full name, but not against their email address.

Multiple team members can be added to the filter by performing consecutive searches and selections, after clicking on the search bar.

Employee filter now available on Job applicant view

When browsing through applicants for a specific job, you can now use the candidate group filter to quickly identify internal mobility candidates, by selecting the “Employee” option.

Job & Offer Approvals via Integration

With the introduction of 'system user', API credentials are now associated with this role. We are extending the approval API capability so that it can retrieve approvals which belong to the system user, and supports customers who wish to build an approval integration. 

  • Admins configuring job/offer approval templates can choose an integration as the initial approver via Settings/Admin>Job Approvals and Settings/Admin>Offer Approvals

  • The integration returns a list of approvers using business rules from another system such as a Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

If the wrong app is selected from the pulldown list, then the approval chain will be created with only this integration user assigned. Since the integration will not populate the approval chain, the job or offer approval will start, but cannot be completed. If an administrator selects the wrong integration, and the approval chain is picked up by an active job/offer, then making the correction in the Approval settings page will not automatically re-trigger the approval process. The job/offer will need to be edited and once done, the integration will run as designed.

This integration uses Approval API GET/Approvals


SmartPal Screening Question - Checkbox support

SmartPal is now able to support the "Checkbox" screening question type which can be defined for any job. 

SmartRecruiter Setup:


SmartPal Display:


SmartPal improved support for screening question with a long list of options

Screening questions with a long list of options (greater than 12), for example Nationality, are now delivered to candidates in multiple groups allowing them to select by button or number (depending on platform) with further ability to show see the next group of options

SmartRecruiter Setup:


SmartPal Display:


SmartPal Screening Questions - Information text

New configuration is available to show/hide the Information Text screening questions defined for a job. As a number of the platforms used by SmartPal have message length restrictions, there is an additional configuration option to limit the character length of any information text to avoid causing display issues.

SmartRecruiter Setup:


SmartPal Display: