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Delightful Enhancements: October 21, 2021


Avatar and name for system user

Admins and developers can now upload avatar and set name for system users via Credential Manager.

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 1.09.55 PM.png

In the API Credential Manager, admins and developers can define the system user name using the ‘Credential Name’ field; admins and developers can also upload an image for the credential. The name of the credential and avatar can be seen on Activity when the integration/application that uses the API credential takes action in SmartRecruiters (e.g. the integration updates application status).

Please note that System users are not actual end users and system user’s avatar can only be updated via the API Credential Manager.

“Job last activity” and “Last modification date” fields in Report Builder

Clients can now report on job last activity and last modification dates. Activities relate to entries usually displayed in the Job's activity tab

Enable server-to-server tracking for AppCast and SmartRecruiters common clients

Due to privacy policy changes of popular browsers, our existing IMG tracking pixel infrastructure that has been supporting the SmartJobs product as well as the partner’s programmatic solution will be soon outdated. We have now switched to Server-to-Server tracking so that both SmartJobs and mutual clients of SmartRecruiters and AppCast can better benefit from programmatic solutions.

Clients are not required to do anything to enable this: SmartJobs clients have already been migrated, and clients of the external partner’s solution will be advised by AppCast directly on the specific switch date. 

Posting Contracts Management: admin can see the JBs' custom names clearly 

Previously when admins would create multiple instances of the same JB in “Posting Contracts Settings” to assign them to different business units, the custom name would not be displayed upon saving: this caused a cumbersome management process as the admin would have to open each instance every time a change of credentials or team was needed. 

We have now changed the layout and we display the entire custom name underneath the JB Name.

(Screenshot courtesy of our client Publicis)


When a job is edited, the original version of the application page (Apply URL) will work seamlessly 

Previously, when the application page to a job (Apply URL) was shared on socials/sites and subsequently the job was edited, candidates clicking on the original application page link were faced with an error: this forced clients to re-edit manually the links on their posts. 

We have now built in the logic to seamlessly redirect candidates to the latest version of the application page: this will work in retrospective for any live jobs that have been edited before this release.

Note: Not yet supported for Internal Roles. Subscribe to UserVoice for this here.