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Delightful Enhancements: October 14, 2021


Assessment API: Include custom mapped field when placing assessment orders

If 1) the assessment partner has defined custom fields and 2) the customer has mapped SmartRecruiters custom fields’ values to those custom fields, then SmartRecruiters will now also include these mapped custom fields and values in the place assessment order call to the partner’s URL when an assessment order is placed.

Posting API: Filtering by releasedDate

We have extended the ability for clients consuming the SmartRecruiters posting API to filter the posting list by the releasedDate field through the addition of the releasedAfter filter. This can be leveraged to bring up postings created after this date to be returned when the filter is applied.

Search on browsing assessment packages

Search function based on assessment package name is now available when end user is browsing assessment packages in candidate profile.