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Delightful Enhancements: September 30, 2021


Data points for candidate education and employment now available in the Report Builder

We are making a series of data fields available in Report Builder concerning candidate's education and employment histories. From now, it is possible to report on the following: education history places, descriptions; last education place, description and dates; state of current education; places of employment; last employment places, description, and dates; state of current employment.

Webhooks: Approval Abandoned events

We have added 2 additional webhook events that webhook users will be able to subscribe to:

  • job.approval.abandoned - Event callback will trigger when a job approval request is abandoned.

  • offer.approval.abandoned - Event callback will trigger when an offer approval request is abandoned.

Employee Portal: Internal application statuses

Employee Portal now offers an improved post application experience to employees who are applying to roles internally by displaying the status of their applications and the hiring manager of the job they have applied to. To access the new features, a user needs to go to the My Applications page of the Employee Portal and click on an application that appears on the list and, as a result, a slide-out will appear from the right side of the screen.

The first tab of the slide-out is called "Overview" and it includes the status of their application, the name of the hiring manager and the location of the job, as well as any job field selected for this job by the hiring team.


The second tab of the slide-out is called "My Application" and it includes the information of the job ad (aka job description, qualifications, additional information and company description), as they appeared when the employee applied for the job.

This feature will also become available to customers who don't use Employee Portal later in the quarter, as part of the October's release.

Sign languages on SmartrProfile

Candidates are now able to add American, British and Chinese sign languages to their SmartrProfile.