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Delightful Enhancements: September 23, 2021


Webhook callbacks OAuth 2.0 authentication support

Webhook custom authentication header now supports OAuth 2.0 Client Credential. 

Webhook users who are looking for additional authentication when SmartRecruiters call the callbackUrl can specify clientId, clientSecret and TokenServiceUrl when creating the webhook subscription. If configured, SmartRecruiters will pass the access token exchanged from the TokenServiceUrl in the custom header of the callback.

Workflow automation improvements when Offer Accepted

SmartRecruiters is introducing an improvement to the workflow automation, so that when the custom hiring step is ahead of OFFER ACCEPTED (e.g. per the screenshot, at BACKGROUND CHECK), then the system will no longer revert the step to OFFER ACCEPTED - the system will remain on the current step. This applies to both offers created via DocuSign and via email.

image1.png        image2.png

The old behavior caused problems because the automation was bringing the workflow steps back even though no changes were being made. For instance with DocuSign, users were clicking into Offer Details which initiated the DocuSign integration to check status, and returned a positive result (offer accepted), which caused confusion. This will no longer happen.