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Delightful Enhancements: August 12, 2021


“Advert Status” support in the Posting API

Clients consuming SmartRecruiters’ posting API to pull list of jobs into their career sites didn’t have until now the ability to verify which adverts are active when calling a specific posting ID: this meant displaying adverts that are no longer available, or an expired Apply URL link in the scenario of candidates clicking on jobs that have been publicly shared. 

Refer to our API documentation for implementation details. 

Australia number support for SmartMessage

Australia number is now supported for SmartMessage. Documents for proof of business are required when requesting for Australia numbers. 

Read more on document collection and Australia number in HelpCenter

Application Field Reporting Area

Reports can now be built using custom Application Fields as rows instead of columns. This means you can effectively group your results by the custom Application Fields (also known as Candidate Fields) you created, and avoid hitting our column limit when creating large reports with these fields.

You can find the new Application Fields grouping under the "Other Reporting Areas" section in your Report Builder. Once selected, this reporting area will enable you to use Application Field's Name and Value data points to add to your reports.