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Delightful Enhancements: May 6, 2021


Computing Candidate Source in Report Builder

Until now the value of the Candidate Source data field in custom reports was computed from the first job application of the candidate. From now the Candidate Source data field will also consider if the first application of a candidate was for a community, and, if true, will be computed from there. 

This change will be available to all reports, including already existing ones, as long as you re-run them and export a new version.

Candidate Filter for Assessment Results

To help users better leverage assessment results from our assessment partners, a new filter option is available for users to filter assessment results based on both assessment score and/or assessment labels (e.g. Pass, Fail, Consider) under the candidate list of any job in the ‘Jobs’ tab.

The filter option will be available to the customer as long as the customer’s assessment provider integrates with SmartRecruiters using the 2021 Assessment API.