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Delightful Enhancements: April 15, 2021


Manage Candidate Reapplications

  • SmartRecruit

Allow recruiters to easily identify previously rejected candidates who have reapplied to the same job.

This feature will be turned off by default.  Administrators will need to enable the feature in the “Settings/Admin > Career Page & Job Ad” under the “Application Configuration” tab, by selecting the “Track reapplications” toggle.  Once enabled, all applications in “new” stage will be checked to see if:

  1. their last application status was “Rejected”, and if

  2. whether they were rejected within the defined period.  The default setting will be 12 months when the feature is turned on, but administrators will have the option to change it between 1, 3, 6, 12 months or anytime.

If the answer is “yes” for both, a “Reapplied” flag will appear next to the candidate’s application status (see screenshots at the bottom).  This flag will stay with the application as the candidate moves forward through the hiring process - meaning it will not be removed if the recruiter decides to move the candidate to the next hiring step.

Manage Candiate Reapplications (Screenshot 1).png

For example, assuming that the tracking period is set to 12 months, candidate A:

  1. Applied to Job A on Jan 1st, 2021

  2. Was rejected for Job A on Jan 15th, 2021

  3. Applied to Job A again on Feb 1st, 2021 (reapplied flag will be added to the application profile because they were rejected within 12 months)

  4. Was rejected for Job A on Mar 1st, 2021  (reapplied flag will remain available on the application profile)

  5. Applies to Job A again on Mar 5th, 2022  (reapplied flag will not be added / will be removed from the application profile because the time between the candidate being rejected and them reapplying has exceeded 12 months)

Note: The flag will only be applied to applications where the candidate has reapplied to the same job.  If the candidate was rejected, then manually added back to the job by the recruiter in the system either as a LEAD or by reactivating their application, the “Reapplied” flag will not appear.


People’s Tab under Job Page

Manage Candidate Reapplications (Screenshot 2).png

People’s Page

Manage Candidate Reapplications (Screenshot 3).png

Candidate Profile

Manage Candidate Reapplications (Screenshot 4).png




Applications List from Jobs Page

Manage Candidate Application (screenshot 5).png


Manage Candidate Application (screenshot 6).png

Candidate Profile

Manage Candidate Application (screenshot 7).png


Manage Candidate Application (screenshot 8).png

Brand Name Picker Appears on Job Posting Wizard

The brand name now appears below the brand logo, improving the accessibility of the Job Posting Wizard.

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 12.29.29 PM.png