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Delightful Enhancements: April 8, 2021


Resume Settings in Lead Capture Form Wizard

SmartCRM users can now select if candidates must upload a resume file when filling out a Lead Capture Form.

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 10.57.27 AM.png

When you are creating a new lead capture form or editing an existing one, you will see there are three options in the resume settings:

  • Optional: Candidates can upload a resume file, but it isn't required in order to complete filling the form.
  • Required: Candidates must upload a resume file in order to complete filling the form.
  • Do not allow: Candidates don't have the option to upload a resume.

New Report Builder Endpoints

We have expanded support within Job data through the report builder by adding the following:

  • Withdrawing Employee ID
  • Withdrawing Employee First and Last name
  • Withdrawing Employee Email
  • Chosen company upon withdrawal
  • Job creator first and last name
  • Job creator email
  • Job creator employee Id
  • Hiring Team Role # list
  • Is job remote friendly?
  • Target date for hiring Job Field
  • Compensation Currency Job Field
  • Compensation Lower Limit Job Field
  • Compensation Upper Limit Job Field
  • Salary currency
  • Time in Job Status: CREATED
  • Time in Job Status: CANCELLED
  • Time in Job Status: FILLED
  • Time in Job Status: SOURCING
  • Time in Job Status: INTERVIEW
  • Time in Job Status: OFFER